#22 Mindset Lessons from a Nazi?

In this episode we discuss a Limitless, yet uncommon character quality and an infamous World War Two Officer who practiced it valiantly. In the resources section, a smartphone app that will make grocery shopping for brain power food easier than ever and as promised on our Facebook page a while back we hook you up with free Nootropic brain power supplements.

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In this episode we discuss:

Limitless character quality: Questioning the status quo, playing the devil’s advocate & being an arbitrary contrarian.

Qoute from Nina Von Stauffenberg:

“…one of his characteristics was that he really enjoyed playing the devil’s advocate. Conservatives were convinced that he was a ferocious Nazi, and ferocious Nazis were convinced he was an unreconstructed conservative. He was neither.”

What is a contrarian: A contrarian is a person who takes up a position opposed to that of the majority, no matter how unpopular. Contrarian styles of argument and disagreement have historically been associated with radicalism and dissent.

My challenge to you: Next time you find yourself in a group with a clear ideologically leaning, be arbitrarily contrary.

Resources & Links

Fooducate — Healthy Food Diet & Nutrition Scanner
HCF (Happy Calm Focused)
Limitless Characters: Claus Von Stauffenberg
31 Reasons to try Brain Supplements (Nootropics)

Jonathan’s favorite benefits of Nootropics:

  1. Makes you more articulate
  2. Eliminates the post lunch/mid afternoon productivity lull
  3. Boosts Neuroplasticity
  4. Fights physiological and psychological stress
  5. Promotes Lucid Dreaming
  6. Boosts Libido and Sexual Appetite
  7. Saves you money
  8. Saves you Time
  9. helps you beat addictions
  10. Relatively none existent side effects

Read Editor’s Review of HCF

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