22 Scintillating Sexy-Time Roleplay Scenarios

In this very weird year, I’ve been lucky to be self-quarantined with my wife. In my new book, Don’t Stick Your Dick in a Blender, I delve into a number of relationship lifehacks to keep married life hot and sexy. Weekly we look forward to our date nights at home when we dress up and roleplay some very silly scenarios…

Eastern European mail order bride (a virgin) and an American farmer

Virginal American boy wins a date with a porn star

The ultimate “red pilled” right-wing alpha male meets feminist “pet sexuality coach” to buy her used mattress

For our role play tonight I can be THE ULTIMATE REDDIT ALPHA MALE :sunglasses: and you can be a “pet sexuality coach” — we’ve met off Craigslist and I’m buying your used mattress… :zzz:🛏🤣

Guy is disappointed to discover that his date is a “catfish” (lied about everything)

Sometime we could role play a catfish episode sometime — good idea or ridiculous?

Liberal New York college girl meets “doomsday-prepper” dude

So for our role play you’ll be an awful liberal New York college girl and I will be a prepper dude from Nebraska searching for a farm wife who met you on Tinder

Animal rights activist/extremist meets exotic pet dealer/trafficker

I think that I should an exotic pet dealer trying to sell you expensive pets and you can be an animals rights extremist

Schoolgirl and conspiracy theorist gym teacher

I’m thinking that was can do a role play where you are a virgin school girl and I’m a conspiracy theorist gym teacher conspiring to seduce you very tenderly in my sexy faraday cage bedroom…

Aspiring Instagram hoe meets Instagram “influencer”

Female client gets a massage from a very inappropriate male massage therapist

Slut pretends to be a “nice girl” then sleeps with a guy she met on Craigslist

Sex addict (who believes all the craziest coronavirus conspiracy theories) and sex-addiction therapist who believes in the healing power of hugs

So for tonight’s role play, I’m thinking that you can be a SEX ADDICT 😲 who believes ALL of the craziest Coronavirus conspiracy theories and I will be your therapist who believes in the power… of HUGS! 🤗

Guy who knows NOTHING about literature tries to impress cute librarian

So for tonight’s role play I’m thinking that one of us can be a sexy librarian/Book worm and the other person can pretend to be an total ignoramus trying to bang them by pretending to to know a lot about books…

Webcam girl and simpy client

Two awful people go on a tinder date and can’t remember anything about each other

Innocent virginal girl meets outrageous pickup artist

Famous writer meets an adoring fan

Wannabe porn actress meet famous porn director

Eager-to-impress student interviews with pompous professor

“Spiritual, but not religious” young lady meets douchebag wu-wu sex-cult leader

Lonely John hires a hooker through an escort agency, has ridiculous demands

I’ll go for the $50 all night package, do you accept Bitcoin? so you can guarantee me a coronavirus-free girl for tonight? Well, I think I’d like a sexy sort-of-skinny girl, a brunet, with a pretty face, with like D-cups, and a nice ass butt not fat. SHE MUST NOT BE FAT. And no tattoos, I don’t want a slut! And she should be a very witty conversationalist, and enthusiastic blow-jobbist also. Can she put on a little perfume? Also she should call me “sir” at all times

Paranoid patient is petrified of Coronavirus, begs nurse for the vaccine

Naive “nice guy” meets feminist single mother of two and stripper wannabe

Two pompous travel Instagram “influencers” spend a date bragging, trying to one-up one another about who has the most fabulous life of travel

The roleplaying was my relentlessly bang-able wife’s idea, most of the scenarios I deviously devised.

And a few other scenarios that we look forward to trying…

  • Female cop and male suspect
  • Male FBI agent and female suspect
  • Female professor and male student
  • Female job applicant and male interviewer (CEO)
  • Female student and male salsa teacher
  • Wannabe personal assistant and male politician
  • Female flight attendant and male pilot

I hope you and your partner get lots of laughs and sexy times out of these roleplay scenarios! Leave a comment below with any others you’ve tried.

Gents, perhaps you’re thinking…

These sound like a ton of fun but I don’t have anyone to roleplay with.

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