27 Professionals Who Use Modafinil

Here are 27 professionals who all use the smart drug to increase their career success.

Introduction: You guys know I’m a reluctant yet persistent cheerleader of Modafinil. Reluctant because it doesn’t work for everyone, it can have unpleasant side effects, but for those it does work for, it’s really ROI’s and the side effects are pretty benign. Modafinil is a relatively more expensive smart drug but it’s popularity is undeniable and it’s because it really ROI’s for about two thirds of the people who try — I think of a friend of mine, a pretty successful entrepreneur, that none nonchalantly over a few beers in Medellín, Colombia mentioned that he makes at least an extra $100K a year because of his Modafinil habit. Not many people have told me similar things about other types smart drugs and Nootropics.
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With its ability to boost energy, alertness and confidence, smart drug modafinil can help people from all walks of life and in all different types of careers to improve their performance at work.


Although there is no such thing as a quiet day for an accountant responsible for a large organization, when it comes to tax season things can get particularly hectic. With so much responsibility on their shoulders, accountants are put under a lot of pressure and must be absolutely accurate with each calculation they make. Since modafinil can enhance focus and productivity, it is very popular with accountants who need a bit of extra energy to ensure all their figures are perfect.


No matter if they work in theater, film or television, actors are required to have a great deal of stamina and confidence in order to perform to a high level for long periods of time. Modafinil can help to improve confidence and focus, things that are incredibly important for actors who want to give their very best performance. Since the smart drug also increases energy, it’s ideal for actors who have been working long, intense hours for several days, weeks or even months at a time.


Attorneys have incredibly high-pressure jobs; they are required to have vast legal knowledge, be analytical and logical in their thinking, and often deal with multiple clients and cases at one time. Plus, attorneys regularly have to spend long hours researching and planning cases, and in many ways are never truly ‘switched off’ from their jobs. Modafinil can help attorneys in two ways; it can increase their focus and mental ability whilst working long hours, and it can also boost confidence in order to improve their abilities when addressing the court room.


Although often highly rewarding, being a carer can be a very tough job. Carers are usually very physically active when at work, and can easily become physically drained during long shifts. They also provide emotional support to their patients and can therefore often find themselves mentally exhausted due to the pressures of their job. Modafinil is therefore an excellent smart drug for carers who need to stay energized and positive for long, tough shifts working with vulnerable people.


Chefs are renowned for having high pressure jobs, because once a shift has started, there is simply no stopping until the last customer has been served. Making mistakes in a busy kitchen not only causes delays and risks unhappy customers, but it could also mean that someone gets hurt, with scorching hot food and sharp equipment being around. To avoid mistakes, chefs must be energized, alert and focused at all times, and modafinil is a great aid for those who work long shifts in busy restaurants.


Cleaners regularly work late at night or during the early hours of the morning to prepare premises for each new working day. These late finishes and early starts can easily have an impact on sleep patterns, and modafinil is a wonderful aid for cleaners who need to be awake and energetic during the less sociable hours of the day. Cleaning is a hands-on jobs that requires a great deal of energy, and it’s easy to feel wiped out after a shift. For cleaners who work early mornings and have the rest of the day to get through when work is over, modafinil can help them to fight through these periods of low energy and remain productive and alert all day long.

Computer programmer

Developing software and writing computer programs requires huge amounts of mental focus and it can be incredibly draining. Programmers must be logical thinkers and excellent problem solvers, and they are also often under pressure to meet strict deadlines without sacrificing the quality of their work. Modafinil can therefore help programmers to stay as focused and driven as possible while working. It can enhance their ability to find logical solutions to problems and errors within code, and enable them to program to a consistently high standard the whole day through.

Computer systems analyst

With a job that blends information technology with business smarts, computer systems analysts are highly analytic thinkers who are often put under a lot of pressure. Finding suitable IT solutions for businesses takes a great deal of creativity and logic; analysts must balance the IT needs of a business against budget restraints, and therefore have a great deal of responsibility. Modafinil can help them to stay as focused as possible throughout their work in order that they can formulate the best recommendations for their clients.

Day trader

Day traders work to make rapid trades within one day, usually closing all trades before market close without leaving any positions open overnight. In order to keep up with the rapid pace of day trading and to make the smartest decisions about their investments, day traders absolutely must be switched on and alert each time they work in order to avoid making poor trades which result in major financial losses. By improving focus and alertness, modafinil can allow day traders to better analyze their financial investments in order to make fast and smart decisions with each and every trade.


Working through the night and into the early hours of the morning can certainly take its toll, particularly for DJs who feel the pressure to be energetic in front of their audience no matter how tired they may feel. No matter if they work in clubs, in bars or at private functions, DJs are the heart and soul of the party. They must be able to read a crowd, build energy and get people dancing, and it’s crucial that they remain energetic and enthusiastic throughout each shift. Modafinil is a great way for DJs to boost their mood before each gig, and it can also help them to be alert and focused the next morning when they may have to meet new clients or plan playlists on limited sleep.


Engineers from all different types of industries are required to be innovative, logical thinkers, and smart drugs like Modafinil can be incredibly helpful aids during particularly busy or stressful times. Engineers must consistently use complex mathematics, theories and safety guidelines to fulfill their jobs, but they must also call on their creative side regularly. In order to maximize their mental potential and perform at their very best, engineers can use modafinil to heighten their mental ability.

ER Doctor

Anyone who has visited the ER will know that it’s a busy, bustling environment, but no matter how stressful it seems in the waiting room, it is far worse behind the scenes for doctors. ER doctors regularly work 12-hour shifts, during which time they may treat anywhere between 30 and 50 patients. They need to make fast assessments, diagnoses and treatment decisions, and provide each patient and family member with reassurance. Modafinil can help ER doctors to stay as alert as possible throughout their shift, no matter how busy the emergency room has been.

Games developer

Games developers work in busy, fast-paced environments, dealing with complex code and crucial deadlines. They must be both logical and analytical, as well as creative in order to succeed in this competitive industry. In order to be as productive as possible and produce the very best work, it’s not uncommon for games developers to use smart drugs like modafinil to ensure that they perform at their peak at all times.


Not only are midwives responsible for the health of mothers and their babies, but they also act as emotional support for women preparing for and going through labor. They must be highly attentive, caring and friendly, all while carefully assessing the physical health of their patients throughout long shifts. In order to perform at their very best even under pressure and in the middle of a long night shift, many midwives buy Modalart or modafinil to keep their brains and bodies alert.

New mother or father

It can be really tough for new moms and dads to adjust to their baby’s sleeping pattern and cope with getting up several times throughout the night to feed, change and soothe a newborn back to sleep. Modafinil is therefore regularly used by new parents to help them stay energized and alert throughout the day despite lack of sleep at night. It can allow working moms and dads to get themselves focused and on the ball when they head to their jobs, and it can help to keep them energized and uplifted when heading home to have fun with the kids.

Nightclub owner

Owning a nightclub is not for the faint-hearted as it requires you to be alert and focused both day and night, often with little chance for sleep. During the day, nightclub owners could be organizing staff rotas, analyzing accounts, planning marketing campaigns, ordering stock, having meetings and performing other crucial tasks that keep the business afloat. At night, they’re also often on the job, interacting with customers and making sure that the club is doing well. Working all hours and with the pressure of being a business owner, nightclub owners can ensure that energy levels and mental focus remain as high as possible with the help of modafinil.


Nurses tend to be under high pressure at all times during their work, particularly if they regularly work on emergency cases. Long eight to 12-hour shifts are not uncommon in the nursing field, but in busy hospitals and clinics there is very little time to take a break, recuperate and energize the mind. Many nurses therefore turn to smart drugs such as modafinil to stay focused on the job, and to keep energy levels high in order that they can continue to provide the best emotional support and physical care to their patients.

Operations manager

Usually responsible for the smooth running of busy companies, operations managers tend to have complex and incredibly busy roles in which they liaise with a wide variety of people and departments. In order to maximize their productivity and stay on the ball when they have multiple different tasks at hand, operations managers can use modafinil during times in which their workload is particularly intense.


Airplane pilots genuinely take other people’s lives in their hands with each and every shift. Failing to be alert and focused is truly dangerous when in control of an aircraft, but it’s understandable that pilots may feel tired and groggy when on long-haul flights. Many customers who have tried modafinil for free have been pilots, since the smart drug is a brilliant pick-me-up; it can help them to energize part way through each flight and stay totally focused even when they’ve been on duty for several hours.

Security guard

Security guards tend to work very long shifts, often at night if they are employed to protect private premises such as office buildings. Security guards must at all times be prepared to deal with intruders and potential threats, and must be alert to their surroundings consistently. Modafinil can help them remain on high alert during long shifts, and give them the mental energy needed to assess and deal with potential threats quickly and safely. For security guards who work night shifts and struggle to get regular, high quality sleep, modafinil can also allow them to overcome tiredness and stay focused even if they are not physically rested.

SEO Expert

In an industry which requires constant planning, reporting and analysis, SEO executives know the importance of being mentally alert and focused. Modafinil can help you to be more productive and more motivated, which is essential for SEO executives who often have extensive to-do lists in busy agencies or digital marketing departments.


We mentioned how day brokers can benefit from modafinil earlier, and the potential benefits of the smart drug are similar for stockbrokers too. Whereas day brokers tend to work with small value stocks on a fast-moving basis, stockbrokers tend to deal with much larger investments on behalf of powerful clients. Rapid analysis and planning is crucial and risks are high, which means stockbrokers must be energetic, enthusiastic, focused and confident. Modafinil can offer a much-needed boost in these respects and help stockbrokers to stay ahead of the game.


Every student has experienced all-night study sessions or spent 24 hours straight in the library to finish a paper on time, and it is moments like these when modafinil can help. When the brain and body begins to flag, modafinil provides students with a much-needed boost to help them stay focused and get their work done. Many students use it before exams in order to perform better on their tests, whilst others use it in order to be able to study more productively for longer periods.


Performing surgery is an incredibly intense process; surgeons must be completely alert, have a steady hand, and be prepared for complications at any moment, even during surgeries which take several hours at a time. Modafinil is a brilliant boost for surgeons who want to heighten their mental state and be fully prepared for each operation. It can allow them to think on their feet in the event that things go wrong, and give them the mental edge needed to ensure each incision and suture is absolutely perfect.


A teacher’s day doesn’t end when the school bell rings and the kids head home; usually, they continue working. With lessons to plan, tests to score and reports to write, teachers find themselves constantly busy and under pressure both in and out of school. When tiredness kicks in, it can become difficult to stay focused on the work in hand, and even harder to control a class. Modafinil can be incredibly helpful for overworked teachers who need to be as productive as possible outside of the classroom, and alert and assertive when teaching.

Website designer

Web designers must be logical and analytic, whilst also being creative and able to interact well with a variety of clients. They often have strict deadlines to adhere to, and are often inundated with technical problems that need solving as quickly as possible. In order to stay focused and be as productive as possible at the busiest of times, many web designers purchase modafinil online to give them the edge they need to perform their best at work.


It goes without saying that writers must be incredibly creative, no matter if it is fiction or non-fiction works that they are working on, but what happens when they lose motivation or struggle to access their creative side? Writer’s block is common for all types of writers, from novelists to journalists, and modafinil is regularly used to overcome it. Since the smart drug can give the brain a boost, it can help writers to remain creative, productive and motivated for longer. It can help them to work faster in order to meet tight deadlines, and it can give them the physical energy boost they need to work for longer at times when they are feeling particularly inspired and need to get down as many words as possible.

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