5 Herbal Birth Control Methods

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A couple of years ago when I was living in South America I faced quiet a dilemma in regards to birth control. I was dating this lovely 21 year old Colombian university student.
One night that we had a date scheduled she told me she was feeling sick; so I hopped in a little taxi that drove recklessly through the streets of Medellin to bring her chocolate.
In a moment that brought me back to high school, we were cuddling on her bed pretending to watch a movie while trysting and listening warily for her madre’s footsteps coming down the hallway to make sure she was being a good catholic girl!
She nonchalantly mentioned to me that she was feeling sick because she had just started taking the pill.
Now this Colombiana will remain forever young and nubile in my imagination. She was eager to please and would purrrrr like a cat in bed. It was truly glorious making love to her.
The prospect of her most intimate embrace without protection was truly tantalizing, but as a Biohacker I knew that the pill was bad news for women’s health. So I found myself in quiet a predicament, but I really did care for her and she was a pretty sharp girl, who at least pretended to share my passion for all things healthy. So I resolved to talk to her about my reservations about the pill and my willingness to keep using condoms.
Ultimately, I failed to provide her the emotional rollercoaster that the intoxicating women of that country so crave, we stopped seeing each other and the dilemma resolved itself.
However; if I had known about herbal birth control and Vitamin B17 I would have had a viable contraceptive option that satisfied both my bioethics and my most primal desires.

A Dubious Contraceptive Method

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Vitamin B17 and apricot seeds in particular likely prevent pregnancy and can even be used for an herbal abortion (Yes, that’s a thing!).

From The Tao Of Health, Sex, and Longevity:
For thousands of years, the young women of Polynesia have enjoyed complete and uninhibited sexual freedom prior to marriage, with no worries about unwanted pregnancy. Their secret is to eat a few handfuls of papaya seeds every day. The active ingredient responsible for their freedom from pregnancy is vitamin B17, more popularly known as laetrile, the controversial drug banned in the United States due to unproven claims that it can prevent and help cure cancer. (4571–4574)
From the queerly named book Herbal Abortion: the Fruit of the Tree of Knowledge
If you made love with a man during your fertile time (for example, days 10–16 in a 28 day cycle), and you do not wish to be pregnant, here is what you do:
1. After unprotected intercourse on a potentially fertile day, begin eating 5–10 apricot kernels 3 times a day. Continue this until your period comes. This prevents implantation. (The same effect can be achieved with high levels of Vitamin C in this way. Use more than 10 grams per day.)
Is this scientifically proven? Not really.
However, there’s a significant quantity of positive anecdotal evidence and a stark lack Nocebo reports; which you would especially expect for a birth control measure. If you wear a BrandX condom but yet somehow end up impregnating Jyll who you met at the Ladies Night at Sky Bar you’re going to warn everyone you can for the rest of your existence against buying those damn leaky BrandX condoms!

Ancedotal Evidence

Consider that since time immemorial there’s been a significant economic incentive for those who work in the world’s oldest profession to prevent pregnancy. People have been having sex in exchange for money, well probably since ever since we invented money, so these herbal medicine traditions arise as a result of pragmatism not mysticism. Anything that didn’t actually work surely would not have been passed down through ages from madam, to courtisan, to pimp, to street walker…

Complimentary Methods

I foresee myself using herbal birth control in the future when I’m in a relationship where pregnancy is undesirable, yet not unacceptable. If I were married or in a serious long term relationship, I would rather have her using a herbal birth control strategy than the pill which is going to fundamentally alter her hormones, psychology and libido.
Depending upon which sexpert you listen to; the pullout method is actually just a little less effective than using condoms.

If a woman uses the birth control pill imperfectly; namely forgetting to take it at the same time every day; it’s effectiveness in preventing a little bundle of joy decreases detrimentally.

How many stories have you heard of people that had an unexpected pregnancy even while using mainstream birth control methods? Maybe it’s even happened to you!
I wouldn’t depend upon herbal birth control alone if I was sleeping with someone who I really didn’t want to have a child with. The amalgamation of the limited science done and the preponderance of anecdotal accounts online don’t give me the confidence to bet at least $250,000 and 18 years of my life on herbal birth control working.

Herbal Birth Control Methods

Conversely though, given the unreliability of conventional birth control methods, if I were sleeping regularily with someone who I really didn’t want to make babies with I would hedge my bets and supplement the normal contraceptives with herbal birth control. Specifically…
Californian apricot seeds ($19.99) — Nan Koehler, midwife guru and herbalist, holds Apricot Kernels in high esteem as a birth control method. She recommends women take 5–10 apricot kernels three times a day from sex until menstruation.

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Queen Anne’s Lace ($12) — Also sometimes known as Wild Carrot but since I’m a geek I’m going to refer to it acronymically as QAL, should be used episodically in increments after sex.
I scoured the internet searching for reviews or cases of QAL not working and remarkably I didn’t find any! Which you would totally expect if it was less effective than mainstream contraceptives. For example, Sarah G from Kamloops British Columbia, Canada reported:
“So grateful for having the Queen Anne’s Lace tincture in my life! As a woman who is very conscious about her body, especially my womanly parts, I hadn’t found a contraceptive that made me feel good about taking it… until I found Queen Anne’s Lace Tincture. In the past the Pill had killed my libido, the shot took away my cycle, and an IUD made my uterus scream NO! Queen Anne’s Lace Tincture is wonderfully gentle. It helps regulate my cycle. I don’t have to take it all the time and my PMS symptoms are noticeably reduced!”
Checkout what Vegan Ava has to say about it.

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Neem Oil ($16) — Is spermacidal and a fairly effective form of episodic birth control according the paper Neem: A Tree For Solving Global Problems:
“In vivo studies in rats (20), rabbits (8), rhesus monkeys (14), and human volunteers (10) proved that neem oil applied intravaginally before sexual intercourse prevented pregnancy… Neem oil has also been found to have anti-implantation/abortifacient effect in rats and rabbits if applied intravaginally on day 2 to day 7 of expected pregnancy… One month after the stoppage of neem oil application there was complete reversibility in fertility in these animals. It had no deleterious effect on the subsequent pregnancies and the offsprings.”
It should be noted that this paper and the studies referenced in it are over 20 years old, which effects their credibility. If you don’t like the smell of the oil (like this classy broad!) the man can just take it in capsule form episodically, so it’s one of the few rare male contraceptives!
Rutin — 500 milligrams taken daily after fertilizing intercourse until menstruation begins. From the book herbal abortion:
“Rutin is also known to have the power to prevent pregnancy. In large doses, rutin prolongs the action of the adrenal hormone adrenaline and decreases capillary permeability in the uterine tissues.Decreased capillary permeability in the uterine tissues causes the endometrium to become non-nutritive to the fertilized egg. The egg does not implant and abortion occurs.”
Papaya Seeds

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This is the bisexual herbal contraceptive that works for both men and women.__
From the 2011 paper The Herbal Male Contraceptives:
“Even though traditional medicines used as contraceptives have a long history in Africa, very few studies have been conducted to confirm their efficacy as well as establish their mechanisms of action… The effect of Carica papaya seed extract inducing sterility in male rats has been reported in literature (Das, 1980). Chinoy et al. (1995) reported the contraceptive efficacy of orally administered aqueous extracts of papaya seeds in male albino rats. The extract had a post-testicular action and the effects were reported to be reversible upon withdrawal of treatment.”
A 2005 Indian study confirmed the reversibility of the effect
“Fertility and all other associated changes returned to normal within 45 and 30 days of treatment cessation in the oral and intramuscular groups, respectively. The data revealed that reversible sterility could be induced in male rats by papaya seeds aqueous extract treatment without adverse effects on libido and toxicological profile.”
If I had my partner use all of them properly, the cumulative contraceptive effectiveness would be pretty close to 100%. Especially, if I’m also using the much maligned pull out method and Taoist semen retention methods, the chances of inadvertently making a little Roseland are virtually nil.


Some maybe reading this article with a growing ethical discomfort about the idea of aborting a pregnancy and the truth is that I identified as a Pro-Lifer for the longest time, however upon more robust philosophical examination I recognized that it’s a false dichotomy that you have to be in one of these militant Pro-Choice or Pro-Life camps. There’s a 3rd (and much more scientific and rational) approach to this issue that allows us to totally respect women’s rights and bodies while respecting human life. I believe in women’s rights, I believe in the unborn human’s rights but I do not believe in embryonic rights. After 8 weeks of gestation the amorphous combination of the cells transforms into something that has all of the characteristics that we define as human (heart beat, brain waves, distinct internal organs, eyes, fingers, etc).
So the most ethical public policy would be to give women 8 weeks to make their reproductive choice, which is sufficient time for an adult to make a serious life decision. After those 8 weeks what’s growing within them is objectively a human being and should be treated as such. This approach accounts for all the classic Pro-Choice arguments and is compatible with the herbal birth control strategy I outline a

Limitless Orgasms Protocol

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There’s actually a male birth control strategy, it’s called Tantric Semen Retention, it’s kind of like No Fab but A LOT more fun. Here’s how it’s described…

With diligent practice, some men can even learn to approach the very brink of ejaculation and enjoy all the exquisite sensations associated with it without spilling a drop of semen. (5801–5802)
men too may experience sequential miniorgasms without actual ejaculation, and it dispels the notion that birth control is primarily a female responsibility. (5813–5814)
If you’re a guy reading this, you’re probably thinking, sign me up!

Here’s the really eerie thing about this…
There’s not really any good free resources, courses or videos about how to do this. There’s not even any good paid online courses on it. Go ahead and Google Tantric Semen Retention and you’ll be totally underwhelmed by the amount of actionable information on the topic.
Here’s why: It requires a form of tantric breathing that is actually somewhat risky if done totally wrong. Apparently, people have actually died attempting this…
But I say, it’s worth the risk! If you are a red blooded man I’m sure you’ve taken a whole lot more reckless risks in pursuit of orgasms.

To get the Limitless Orgasms Protocol please visit click below and enter your name and email address…

Originally published at www.limitlessmindset.com.

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