8 reasons why SMART millennial Biohackers take NMN — The Epigenetic Vitamin

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Watch review: 8 reasons why SMART millennial Biohackers take NMN 🔬 The Epigenetic Vitamin

In this review, I thought I’d break down why younger or otherwise healthy folks like myself should take NMN.

It’s a total no-brainer for older folks or those with declining health, in fact, a man biologically aged BACKWARDS from 70 to 44-years-old in 8 months on NMN. But there are 8 good reasons why millennials like myself, I’m 37 years old, might want to take NMN


First of all, EMFs produced by Wifi, smartphones, and Bluetooth are toxic but being a millennial there’s no way in hell I am getting rid of my smartphone and Wifi (sorry — NOT SORRY!) EMFs being bad for us is not a “crazy conspiracy theory” or “disinformation” — it’s solid science; both ionizing and non-ionizing radiation increases the prevalence of harmful free radicals that cause DNA damage. It’s no coincidence that cancer and autism rates have skyrocketed in the decades since the invention of cell phones and Wifi.

Fortunately for us, our bodies are capable of fixing damaged DNA, when properly empowered. The crucial biohack for fortifying your biology against EMFs is to feed your PARP system extra fuel, supplement a bioavailable source of NAD+ which your body converts into much-needed NADPH.

From the book EMF*D by Dr. Mercola

EMF exposure can cause your cells to become NAD+ depleted. PARP is ordinarily the largest consumer of NAD+ in your body, and if you have a large EMF exposure you can radically reduce your NAD+ levels. And when your cells become NAD+ depleted, it also impacts your mitochondria by lowering an NAD coenzyme called NADH, which is necessary for your mitochondria to produce ATP. Another consequence of PARP sucking up most of your NAD+ is that it depletes the supply for other vital longevity proteins, called sirtuins, that require NAD+ to function. If PARP is consuming most of your NAD+, your sirtuins will not have enough NAD+ to run and your aging will be accelerated dramatically. (p. 151)

Not only does your DNA repair system get screwed up by EMFs, your Sirtuins, the light switches of the genome, do too. So unless you want to give up all wireless technology, you need extra NAD+ in your system. Supplementing NAD+ itself must be done via injection at a special clinic which runs about $600, but fortunately, NMN is a highly-bioavailable precursor-supplement source that is well-studied, affordable, and safe.


As more NAD+ research is published it’s becoming clear that NMN is the best supplemental form of the epigenetic vitamin. It is one step removed from NAD+, more bioavailable, and activates the Sirtuin SIRT3 which other supplemental forms do not. NMN is pricier but, I think, the best option at the NAD+ gas station.


But NMN is my favorite NAD+ precursor for a more trivial reason; it’s painless and pleasant to consume — it has a subtle tangy taste! As a Biohacker, I’m pretty bored of taking more capsuled supplements — I freakin’ love it anytime I can make a tasty snack out of my anti-aging support supplementation!

NMN and Bulgarian Yogurt


I live in a big, bustling smog-choked city where sometimes pigeons drop dead out of the sky because of the sheer amount of air pollution (just kidding — it’s not quite that bad!) Like many millennials, I don’t smoke cigarettes and I consider it a disgusting bad habit. But living in a city with bad air pollution is (debatably) almost as bad for you as smoking — still get lung cancer! Unsurprisingly, toxic big city air is awful for our aging biomarkers — specifically our telomeres. A 2009 study of, a statistically significant, 134 Italians compared office workers to traffic officers who worked in downtown Milan and concluded that pollution is a real factor in telomeres’ health.

Look up how Milan’s pollution severity compares with your city, if the pollution is pretty bad in your hood consider moving or just take NMN. More good news, recent human and animal research has found that NMN doubles the telomere length of humans over a 90-day period of time — pretty impressive!

NMN Increases Telomere Length in Middle-Aged Adults

NMN is far from the fringe of questionable health and anti-aging tools, it’s used daily by some of the world’s top anti-aging authorities, like eminent Harvard anti-aging researcher David Sinclair, Ph.D. who tweeted…


It does imbue a subtle Nootropic effect, I did some experimentation with dosage and at a higher dosage, around 1500 milligrams, I found myself a bit more focused and motivated. I hit a new Dual N-Back brain training high score on NMN…

But gram for gram there are a lot more economical Nootropics out there so I’ll continue to use it at a moderate 500 milligrams daily to keep my genes genial.


Recently I think I had a second brush with COVID; a family member tested positive on an antigen test and I had a head cold and a bit of trouble sleeping — the same issues I had when we got COVID in early 2022. But I’m happy to report that I powered right through it in under 48 hours, no doubt thanks to NMN among the other anti-COVID stuff I do and take; Quercetin, Zinc, adaptogenic herbs, Nicotine (yes, surprisingly Nicotine has a protective effect), and getting a daily dose of Vitamin D out on my balcony.


I’m vain, I care about looking good. There are four studies looking at NMN as a beauty hack. It works together with Glutathione to fix skin damage done by UV radiation, according to a 2022 study.

According to another study, it also apparently has a synergistic effect with CoQ10 — they work together as suppressors of skin aging.

It also prevents and treats skin photoaging when taken alongside a specific probiotic strain, Lactobacillus fermentum, via the AMPK signaling pathway.

And finally, according to a 2022 South Korean study

Therefore, NMN is a human-friendly anti-melanogenic agent with the potential to aid in aging-related hyperpigmentation therapy.

One veteran NMN user reported

I am 42 and have been taking NMN for about 10 years. I get a lot of comments about not looking (or acting — from my wife) my age.


Like a lot of millennials, I’m a bit wu-wu. I’m not a materialist atheist, I was but I’m not anymore. And actually, it was science that convinced me of a more metaphysical worldview. On Pubmed (“the Google” of science) I kept hearing about the placebo effect; every single gold-standard human study must account for the placebo effect. If you study science, you must stand in awe of the awesome power of belief. Some examples of the placebo effect (like cancer and depression being cured or broken bones and bad knees healing themselves, among others) are so mindblowing that I’m convinced of a spiritual dimension of life and thus a little wu-wu. But, and this is fascinating I think, it’s hypothesized that epigenetics have a lot to do with the placebo effect, being the capacity of our genome to turn on and off the right genes at the right time. And NMN is the epigenetic vitamin; it fuels epigenetic function essentially making our genes more adaptive. So it stands to reason that NMN would accelerate the placebo effect; it will multiply the power of belief — which you should appreciate if you’re a bit wu-wu, like me.

Order: Pure NMN by Do Not Age

What I really like about this NMN by Do Not Age is that it is COA-verified by an accredited American laboratory.

This is an important thing to demand because, apparently, some of the vendors on Amazon offering NMN are selling bunk stuff. And NMN is not cheap so you want to double-check that you’re getting the real thing, purity-verified.

My box did include some Do Not Age branded blue-blocking glasses. I’ve been wearing them in the evenings (even though my wife says they are dorky) to save my eyes from blue light while I enjoy conspiracy theory documentaries (look into the Lunar Rover guys, something suspicious going there!) The glasses are comfy (if a bit cheap feeling) and I am sleeping a little better. I bet Do Not Age will sneak a case of blue blockers into your package!

Originally published on LimitlessMindset.com. I’m not a doctor, medical professional, or trained therapist. I’m a researcher and pragmatic biohacking practitioner exercising free speech to share evidence as I find it. I make no claims. Please practice skepticism and rational critical thinking. You should consult a professional about any serious decisions that you might make about your health. Affiliate links in this article support Limitless Mindset — spend over $150 and you’ll be eligible to join the Limitless Mindset Secret Society.



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