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Updating my giant, deep-dive article, 33 Steps to Losing Your Virginity (For Men), today I discovered that a daygame guru I'd learned much from, Tom Torero, has DIED at a relatively young age. I'm not sure how he died but I recall from his book I read years back that he was quite the hedonistic nomadic seducer - wine, women, song, and relentless travel. So his premature expiration is not particularly surprising.

This should give serious pause to any seducer that aims to be a perpetual player...

As I explain here, specific outcome-based pass/fail goals are problematic but I wouldn't recommend not making them at all. What works a lot better re-articulating goals into daily/weekly habits that you stick to and using a habit tracker - I highly recommend CoachMe for this.

Have you joined CoachMe? Daily goals can become overwhelming though - I'm a bigger fan of weekly goals. For example, I'm going to practice Bulgarian (the difficult language I want to learn) 5 times a week. CoachMe offers this functionality actually. What weekly goals might you set for yourself in 2022?

Like other Adaptogens I've used, the subject effects of Panax Ginseng are more noticeable when I consume them as tea. If you follow my recommendations and pick up a bunch of different adaptogens what you could easily do is combine like four or five of them - it will be delicious and will make you feel like a Greek god consuming ambrosia on Elysium.

Have you tried any herbs/healthy remedies that tasted AMAZING? Do share...

Jonathan Roseland

Jonathan Roseland

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