Chapter one of my new book “Don’t Stick Your Dick in a Blender

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It is rough out there for a single guy trying to meet a not-awful attractive girl, I know what you’re going through.

Sick and tired of wasting your time trying to meet girls online or in the real world who are astoundingly flakey and hard to actually get out on a date. You seem damned to flounder in the friendzone where nobody wants to touch your dick.
Actively dating, but the girls are so monotonously predictable in their shallowness, smartphone addiction, and their general lack of putting in an effort towards having some semblance of a new relationship.
Disappointed by the…

ALGO is the token powering the Algorand smart contract network, which can handle over a thousand transactions per second. This makes ALGO a viable commerce coin. It’s accepted by businesses around the world, from Italy’s oldest coffee brand to Brazilian software developers.

Who Accepts ALGO…

Listen to podcast: Methylene Blue — A safe, effective, and affordable biohack [Mark Sloan Interview]

In the cryptocurrency world where I spend some time, there’s seems to always be a trade-off between three desirable attributes; speed, security, and scalability. In Biohacking, similarly, we often have to choose between safe, effective, and affordable. But, after reading The Ultimate Guide to Methylene Blue by Mark Sloan I’m thoroughly convinced that Methylene Blue measures up in all three crucial dimensions, I’ll be adding it to my daily stack.

This article is mostly going to focus on decoding what the human studies are saying about Methylene Blue and how this squares up with the anecdotal experiences of Biohackers online…

WAVES is the native token powering the “make your own crypto” platform of the same name. With WAVES flirting with a top 50 CoinMarketCap ranking, the token itself is accepted as payment by businesses around the world, from a Berlin-based crypto-inspired fashion brand to an Oregonian hemp farm.

Who accepts Waves…

Some cryptos live up to their names, TrueUSD is one of them — it’s dollar-backed and one of the most popular stablecoins. Having achieved a top 100 CoinMarketCap rank and riding on the credibility of the greenback, it’s accepted by businesses around the world as payment, from a Canadian coffee store to a Vietnamese e-commerce store.

Who accepts TrueUSD…

BNB is the coin of the realm on the world’s most popular crypto exchange platform, Binance. As a crypto technology, it competes with Ethereum as a utility token. It’s accepted by +400 businesses; from Estonian postage services to Floridian CBD and everything in between.

Who accepts BinanceCoin

Dogecoin was started as a joke, but the really funny thing about it is that +1300 businesses accept it as payment, from an organic honey producer in Portgual to a hotel in Argentina. Doge has meme’d itself a $70 billion market cap; the coin is enthusiastically supported by, undoubtedly, the funniest cryptocurrency community. Why not get in on the fun?

Who Accepts Dogecoin…

From Filipino virtual assistants to French scented candles

Apollo Fintech boasts that its APL token is the world’s fastest cryptocurrency with sub-second transaction times, it also has comprehensive privacy coin features. It’s accepted as a commerce coin by a handful of businesses around the world, from Filipino virtual assistants to French scented candles.

Who Accepts Apollo

From a corporate attorney in Illinois to a French scented candle maker

This is one of the few cryptos that provide free transactions, making it an outstanding medium-of-exchange coin (especially with its 1-second transaction times). It’s accepted as payment by businesses around the world, from a corporate attorney in Illinois to a French scented candle maker.

Who Accepts NANO…

Biohacker overview of VLADONIX®

Watch: VLADONIX® — A bioregulatory “smart peptide” for a smarter thymus gland

An immune bioregulator that works via the thymus gland. It’s recommended for people who are recovering from severe adverse immune events, like…

  • Recovery from cancer
  • Infectious diseases
  • Recovering from stroke or heart attack
  • Chronic immunodeficiency

Scientific Research Overview

No studies are published on Pubmed but I did find a clinical trial of 42 patients done at the Saint Petersburg Institute of Bioregulation and Gerontology, the clinical study concluded

Vladonix® is recommended for acceleration of restoration of the immune system functions after the infectious diseases, radiation and chemotherapy, influence on the organism of various extreme factors (including ionizing and UHF-radiation). …

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