I’m a web developer with 12 years of experience, with over 200 websites under my belt working with the best content management system on the Internet which is Joomla. And I’m making this video to announce that I accept cryptocurrency for my web design, development, and strategy services.

Here, I’ll talk about what I can do for you as a web developer, my areas of expertise, and then I also want to talk a bit about cryptocurrency and maybe wax philosophical a bit about it.

But first I want to summarize why you might want to work with Roseland Digital…

A 5-factor DIY self-quantification experiment for determining the impact of smart drugs.

Watch: The Caballo Protocol: A 5-factor DIY self-quantification protocol

Start by downloading three types of Biohacking apps and conducting a simple daily self-quantification experiment

1. Brain Training App
I’m a big fan of Dual N-Back or even Lumosity. This will help you establish a baseline of your cognition and memory, which will be enhanced by Nootropics.

Advanced Mindset Transformation Session

Listen: Biohacking Call-in-Show — Advanced Mindset Transformation Session

I’m going to be hosting a conversation with the Castbox which has a very easy to use Livecast/call-in-feature, we’ll be talking some biohacking stuff, some cool lifehacks, I’ll share what I’m experimenting with right now and importantly I want to hear from some of you what you’re working on in 2020, and then we may be doing an advanced mindset transformation group meditation session together. This Livecast is totally free to participate in, I have nothing to specific pitch during or at the conclusion of the Livecast.

Subscribe to the Limitless Mindset podcast feed, listen with the Castbox app, and…

Getting what we want in life at crucial junctures requires applying ink to paper and when we are not in physical proximity to the other signatories of our endeavors it can be damned inconvenient.

We’ve all wanted to do this…

For the longest time remedying this situation was a frustrating combination of fax machines, downloading PDFs, killing trees by buying reams of printer paper, and the dreaded refilling of the printer toner. Below are several free and freeish digital tools that will liberate your valuable time permanently from this unpleasant experience.

HelloSign for Gmail

Alcoholism and morbid digital experiences

My thoughts on a morbid National Geographic documentary about a guy named Ryan, who drinks himself to death. He has been drinking three pints of Vodka a day for three years. Why I watched it twice…

Watch: Utterly Addicted to Alcohol: Get off the Hedonic Treadmill!

Watch the documentary

Thoughts on the documentary

This is a National Geographic documentary on the most abused drug in the United States. I watched it twice, it’s so morbid. Morbid nonfiction content is actually an important part of my philosophical outlook…

This is a great example of what a likely illegitimate product looks like…

This content in addition to the various forum posts throwing this product under the bus has essentially put “Profiderall Labs” out of business. …

Evernote is the leading cloud-based note-taking app that Limitless people love!

It syncs multi-media notes and to-do lists between your smartphone, laptop, desktop, and browser. This free application is exactly what you need to organize your productive, focused, kickass lifestyle!

I first heard of Evernote from Tim Ferriss whose book, Tools of Titans, I really enjoyed. As a memory-hacking, adult-ADHD small business person, I’m serious about my note-taking and to-do list delineation strategies.

Book Review of “The Porn Myth”

Listen to this as a podcast

This book changed my mind about porn. I’m against poisonous, toxic things be they vaccines, 5G radiation, heavy metals in “health” supplements, shampoo-rife with endocrine disruptors, or porn. And apparently, a lot of libertarian kind of people are very resistant to the idea that porn is anything less than sacrosanct. So I’ll make the scientific and philosophical case here that it’s absolutely toxic and not speech by any coherent reasoning.

In the very first episode of the Limitless Mindset podcast we gave this definition to lifehacking:

A strategy for leveraging your time, money, resources, or relationships for accomplishing bigger goals faster.

To that definition, I’ll add what Bruce Lee had to say…

Watch: What Bruce Lee had to say about Lifehacking…

Enticed? You’ll want to read my mémoire and lifehacking manifesto

But you don’t have to be cross eyed (or have a conspicuous physical imperfection) to enjoy this book. Really thriving requires an uncommon set of barely legal biohacking tools, social dynamics strategies from the fringes of polite society, and rapid mindset transformation technologies which this lifehacking manifesto delves deeply into.

Jonathan’s thoughts on the documentary series “Black Coffee”

The takeaway message from the series is: drink the pricey stuff, avoid the cheap stuff! Cheap coffee is bad for your body and mind in different dimensions and buying cheap coffee essentially supports the modern-day equivalent of human slavery. Whereas buying the good, pricier stuff supports development, education, small business, political freedom, and health in the developing world.

Part 1: The Irresistible Bean

Try Bulletproof Coffee (starts at $15), a super-premium coffee, highly engineered to X3 your productivity for 4–6 hours with the caffeine you need.

Jonathan Roseland

Adventuring philosopher, Pompous pontificator, Writer, K-Selected Biohacker, Tantric husband, Raconteur & Smart Drug Dealer 🇺🇸

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