In this conversation with Russell Symes of Infinite Age Co, we discuss why Entrepreneurs who don’t Biohack may end up dead.

We also shed the light on the minefield of mediocrity that the Biohacker faces when choosing anti-aging supplements or Nootropics along with delving into some high risk, high reward tools, exogenous Testosterone, and Nicotine.

2:29 Russell Symes, Biohacker, Entrepreneur Extraordinaire CEO of Infinite Age Co Russell on Instagram 10:00 Why Entrepreneurs NEED to Biohack Live Fast. Die Young — A Eulogy 18:06 Why Sleep Hacking Matters Carbon 60 Fullerenes are a Longevity Gamechanger 21:00 NMN — The Epigenetic B-Vitamin for Smarter Genes 27:39 The importance of certificates of analysis (COAs) 31:48 What is GMP and why it matters 36:13 Limitless…

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This is the first book I’ve read about cryptocurrency, and I took away from it something invaluable, hope. Jason A. Williams, the author, gives us a lot of reason to be optimistic about a Bitcoin-powered future.

The author is a…

Bitcoin maximalist

Order: Bitcoin: Hard Money You Can’t F*ck With: Why bitcoin will be the next global reserve currency

And you will be too after reading this book.

As we’ll discover, bitcoin is the best form of money ever invented. Not only that, it’s the best-performing financial asset on the planet, swallowing everything in its path. It will devour government currencies that are printing themselves into oblivion and it will establish itself as…

Here are some insights from the fair amount of attention I have received over the years from delectably clueless aspiring pickup artists of the fairer sex.

For single ladies, social media is one of your best bets for meeting your prince charming; You can see all kinds of pictures, find out about mutual interests, see who your mutual friends are, and even connect intellectually all before deciding if you want to meet in person.


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New Podcast w/Lucas Aoun of Ergogenic Health

A fun interview with biohacker couple, Jonathan and Gergana Roseland, about his new book, Don’t Stick Your Dick in a Blender: How to meet a nice girl instead — from a tantric husband with a better sex life than you!

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We discuss…

2:00 Jonathan’s story — from nomadic seducer to husband 8:52 Online dating has changed the game 14:10 The “Inevitable Uncondoming” Read chapter 1 20:17 What is tantra? Books to read: The Tao of Health, Sex, and Longevity The Multi-Orgasmic Man 28:08 Kegels — a long term sexhack 31:54 Oxytocin 33:56…

We’ve discussed the dynamic of information equity. Let’s now cover 7 ways of increasing equity and value you get from your information consumption, including task batching, mental segregation, and using memory triggers.

How to increase information equity

Task batching in combination with passive information consumption

One of the greatest misconceptions in our age of mind-blowing technology is that “information is free” or wants to be.

Information is actually one of the expensive things in the world and no matter how much money you have you’ll never be able to afford as much of it as you need.

If haven’t guessed already, the cost of information consumption is time and attention. Our two most limited resources, which are almost always better spent on the things that really matter in life; relationships, health, and fulfilling work. …

Today’s marketer, brand, or small business is being courted by some very well endowed marketing options; from the siren song of Facebook’s ad-targeting options, sly stalkers like banner ad retargeting, and email split testing to digital properties like Twitter and Pinterest who entice with their exotic social media models.

Despite these tempting options, I will make the case that search engine optimization, an almost 20-year-old marketing craft, is aging gracefully and still sexier from an ROI perspective than other marketing methods a fourth of her age.

She is not easily seduced, but when she is, you will have a most loyal mistress.

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In my curiosity about all things sex hacking, I came across this video on Youtube, there are a man and woman, the woman removes her pants, lies down, and the man puts on a rubber glove and proceeds to give her a stroke job. Turns out this is called OM (orgasmic meditation), it’s a way to slow down sex and enhance intimacy. The evangelist of OM is this woman Nicole Daedone, I watched a few of her presentations and couldn’t quite decide if she was a hedonistic postmodern feminist or a really profound thinker, so I read her book Slow…

Your potential customers are blind to or annoyed by ads

Potential customers want their questions answered and problems solved by someone who demonstrates expertise and deep understanding.

Why content marketing…

Content that solves painful problems buys lasting customer loyalty.
Great content gets shared and spreads the word about your offerings virally.
“Evergreen content” drives perpetual traffic.
Exhaustive content signals authority to the search engines.

What is media-rich content?

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While I love “normal books,” audiobooks are a tool in the lifehacker’s war chest for high-leverage learning and do offer some special benefits.

Notably, audiobooks help improve listening comprehension. By listening to audiobooks, one can improve their comprehension by hearing the language. Audio learning helps stimulate the imagination, increase reading fluency, and provide a model of proper pronunciation, sentence structure, and proper grammar. By hearing the language, the listeners build their vocabularies. Listening to books provides the listeners with an audio model and reference to pronounce words properly, create proper sentence structure, and improve grammar. Audiobooks improve comprehension through audio cues like tone, pauses, and pacing.

Comprehension: Audiobooks vs. text books

Jonathan Roseland

Adventuring philosopher, Pompous pontificator, Writer, K-Selected Biohacker, Tantric husband, Raconteur & Smart Drug Dealer 🇺🇸

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