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This is going to sound a little funny but it has an uncanny effect and is worth trying if you’re a meditator. Near the end of a meditation session rub your hands together vigorously for 30–60 seconds which will produce some heat via friction; then place your now slightly warmed hands on your chest for about 20 seconds, you’ll experience an energizing sensation in your chest. Repeat and place your hands over your belly. Repeat and place your hands over your eyes, this produces an effect similar to a strong cup of coffee or a hit of Nicotine. Then get up and kick ass! You’ll find yourself a bit more energized and productive after your meditation session.

I have no idea how or why this works but you should try it! I learned this from a guided meditation by Dr. Barry Morguelan published by Bulletproof. Barry has a bit more of a visualization process that goes along with it but I found that just doing the hand rubbing at the end of a meditation session has pretty much the same energizing effect.

New Meta Analysis: C60

C60 Fullerenes are a Longevity Gamechanger
Buckminster Fullerenes are sixty carbon atoms indestructibly arrayed in a soccer ball shape that holds the promise of increasing longevity by up to 90%. The important thing to understand when researching C60 that it’s a quintessential research chemical, it lacks rigorous human clinical trials evaluating its anti-aging effects. Generally I urge skepticism of research chemicals, I usually recommend that biohackers first use Mitochondrial support supplements, Adaptogenic herbs or well researched Nootropics like the Racetams but C60 really stands out among research chemicals because of its virtually non-existent toxicity. The research done at labs and universities around the world that has been done makes me confident that there’s no significant downside to the stuff and the anecdotal evidence is abundant indicating that it could be a real longevity gamechanger.

New Biohacker Review

Visomitin: Free Radical Free Eyesight
I researched SKQ1 thoroughly before deciding to use Visomitin, which delivers a mitochondrially targeted antioxidant where it’s most needed, your eyes have a high concentration of Mitochondria which are hindered from working optimally by reactive oxygen species (ROS) which accumulate in your eyes. In the same way that you produce waste that you need to poop out in the bathroom, your mitochondria produces toxic waste, the ROS that needs to be detoxed and flushed out by antioxidants.

New MASSIVE Article + Infographic

How to Lose Your Virginity (For Men)
In my book I wrote at length about how personal development, sex and reproduction are deeply intertwined. Sexual failure or frustration is a manifestation of systemic personal failure. Thus I’ve created a 33 step holistic plan for sexually frustrated men, virgins, redpill MGTOWs and even incels to become worthy of that most exquisitely intimate of female embraces. Even if you’re NOT a virgin you’ll want to checkout the very cool infographic I designed to go along with this deep dive article, share it with someone you know who it could help!

New Video Series

I’m publishing on Minds.com (a pro free speech alt-tech social network for smart people) a series of cool animated videoblogs on the 33 Steps in my article…

IF you think this is lame or sexist for some reason please read the article and try to empathize a little bit with the growing segment of society that is very frustrated and confused by the modern reality of dating and courtship.

My book How to Be Cross Eyed: Thriving Despite Your Physical Imperfection — a mémoire and lifehacking manifesto

For the longest time people have been telling me to write a book and I finally have! About half of the content in it is devoted to the best lifehacks and biohacks that I’ve researched and self experimented with in the past decade. If you don’t have the time to read the +500 articles on my website and watch all the videos on my Youtube channel just read this. The other half is fresh material that I haven’t published elsewhere. If reading yet another self help or health book doesn’t exactly excite you, you’ll want to read this! It’s a memoire and lifehacking manifesto; a hybrid of Tim Ferriss’s 4-Hour books, Dave Asprey’s Head Strong and Tucker Max’s I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell — early reviewers have commented that the entertaining story telling makes it a fun and engrossing read.

If you’re bored of the tired problem>generalization>platitude>strategy formula that most self help books follow you’ll enjoy this memoir of adventures, failures and unexpected successes across three continents. I’ll share with you some powerful tools for transformationbiohacking, smart drugs, flowstate, red pill mindset and tantric sex — with which I’ve managed to pack several lifetimes’ worth of peak experiences into a single decade.

Please order it today on Amazon https://amzn.to/2VQwJdq ($9.99)
Directly on my own website https://www.limitlessmindset.com/books/231-how-to-be-cross-eyed (Hint: It’s a dollar less here!)

  • I’ve recorded and produced an audio book that came out to 12 hours of listening time. The audio book is included, you’ll find a link in the first chapter with a few listening options.
  • On Amazon the book is 540 pages which I know sounds like a lot but it includes a number of photos and graphics.
  • It’s just a little shy of a 100,000 words total so not a tome that will take you months to get through.
  • Print versions of the book will be available later this year. I’d love to offer signed versions of the book but I live in Bulgaria in Eastern Europe, it would be very costly to ship books here, sign them and then ship them to their customers. If you want a signed copy you might just have to come visit me!

Looking forward to a Limitless 2019 with you!

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