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  • It’s empowered me to make real friends and enjoy intimate relationships.
  • It’s given me powers of influence and persuasion.
  • It’s given me the means and boldness to travel the world; I lived abroad for over 6 years in six different countries; Bulgaria, Colombia, Germany, Spain, and Ukraine.

Definition of Physical Imperfection

Some people may ask

Social Commentary

Modern society has this ostensible obsession with victimology; with trying to help the less privileged in society. If you were born with the wrong


At universities, some corporations, in government and other institutions around the world there is this growing political influence of advocacy for the disabled. These are offices, officers and programs that exist to try to help the disabled. I regard this as a cancerous scourge that actually hurts the people it pretends to help.

  • Hang out with people smarter than you and you’ll become more intellectual.
  • Hang out with people funnier than you and your sense of humor will improve.
  • Hang out with people in better shape than you and you’ll be more motivated to hit the gym and eat right.
  • Go dancing with people that are better dancers than you and you’ll become a better dancer.

To summarize

  • Your physical imperfection will by default be the defining aspect of your identity if you let it.
  • Spend time with practitioners, not theorists.
  • Hangout with people better than you.
  • Stay out of the disability office.

Next Chapter: Helping Yourself

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