A Nootropic for hedonistic music lovers

Biohacker Review of Phenibut: A tangy Nootropic that makes you downright frisky

Originally published on LimitlessMindset.com

Phenibut is an ideal social smart drug for 2014 Jonathan, but I’m not sure if it would have been for 2008 Jonathan.

Now I’m very mindful, especially in social interactions; I’ve trained with technology like Dual N-Back and the emWave2 to be very present. I’ve actually spent the majority of this year completely sober, see my article about partying sober for +6 months in South America’s #1 vice city. Five or six years ago was a different story, I drank quite a bit (my cocktail of choice was Patron Red Bull), smoked cigarettes and used recreational drugs from time to time — I was your average intoxicated douchebag. Phenibut is a pretty subtle effect, you would have to do a lot to get something resembling the mindset you get from alcohol or MDMA. If I had done Phenibut 5 years ago, I don’t think it would have satisfied my hedonic set point, I would have probably been pretty bored with it. Now it’s awesome though, it gives me an extra boost of social confidence free of intoxication.

Phenibut is a gabaergic drug, please see my other video specificity on the mechanisms of action and studies that have been done on Phenibut.

I felt very social and frisky on Phenibut. I would describe myself as unfiltered, I found myself doing silly things, like making a tower out of cups, a paper airplane and saying a lot of smart ass stuff to my friends.

I can tell when it kicks in because I enjoy music a lot more, for example…
Not long ago I walked into a bar here in South America that was blasting annoying Colombian folk music. Unlike everybody else I wasn’t drinking alcohol. I thought to myself: I don’t know how long I can hang out here listening to this twangy latin music blaring out the speakers…
30 minutes later a singer came on and started singing salsa songs and it was awesome! I genuinely enjoyed music sober that I usually couldn’t stand.

If you are the kind of person who works soul destroying hours, puts in +10 hours a day grinding, then you have a social commitment or a date and you have trouble transitioning to a social mood, consider Phenibut.

I found I need to do about 3 little spoonfuls to get the desired effect, for me this feels like about two and half beers on an empty stomach for about 3–4 hours.

This 50 gram bag costs less than $30 dollars so it’s a pretty awesome value compared to alcohol. I would do about a gram each night, so at that rate it costs less than a dollar night and you have no productivity robbing hangover the next day.

It has a nice viscosity, absorbs in water and actually has a nice tangy taste. Unlike a lot of smart drugs you could actually drink it leisurely.

Finally, sleep is awesome on Phenibut, I always over slept a bit on it. If you want to be able to go out and have a super fun night with your friends, then go home, fall right asleep and wake up feeling really well rested, try Phenibut.

If I have a couple of really stressful days in row where I’m spending +8 hours a day on the computer tackling big problems or projects, it really affects my sleep negatively, it takes me an extra 60–90 minutes to fall asleep. If I do about 750 milligrams it makes me relaxed at the end of the day and I can fall right asleep.

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Suggested Use

Phenibut is a surprisingly pleasant drug to consume, it’s tangy and water soluble, so just dump a little of the powder in a glass of water or other beverage. It will dissolve pretty uniformly in the drink, although you may want to break up the clumps. Dosage guide using the little plastic spoon that comes with the package:

350–500 milligrams (One spoonful)
Hardly a noticeable effect, this is what I take when I want to relax thoroughly and do some reading and then sleep soundly.

700–1000 milligrams (Two spoonfuls)
A noticeable chattiness, social mood and you may even feel like dancing! You’ll experience one of the most often reported effects of Phenibut is a heightened awareness and pleasure found in music; you really feel the beat in your chest, the baselines are nearly tangible, the energy of the artist is more contagious and the adagio between the frenetic tempo of a bass drop more uplifting to the hairs on the back of one’s neck. This is the sweet spot for me.

+1500 milligrams (More than three spoonfuls)
Is pleasantly intoxicating. I’m in the mood to party all night or go to a concert. Music is awesome. I find myself in a really unfiltered mood talking to everyone. This dosage just mildly retards my ability to execute complex salsa dancing moves or speak my second language fluently, however I don’t feel or act drunk. You’ll sleep long into the next day and may even feel a bit hungover.

Side Effects

While less addictive and destructive than booze, if you have an addictive personality or a history of alcoholism, drug abuse or child abuse you probably want to stay away from Phenibut. It enables impulsive decisions, so if you are bad impulsive decision maker it may not be for you. If you are practicing intermittent #nobooze or trying to quit smoking, it’s probably going to be counter intuitive. I began using Phenibut only after socializing 6 months without alcohol and going over 2 years without a cigarette.

Do not use if you are pregnant/breastfeeding.

About Phenibut

A pharmaceutical grade anxiolytic social smart drug.

Phenibut (fenibut, phenybut) is a derivative of the natural neurotransmitter, GABA. GABA is not a nootropic neurotransmitter and actually has inhibitory qualities which can produce tranquilizing and anxiolytic effects. Some people claim that phenibut has nootropic effects however there is limited scientific evidence to support this. Phenibut is often used within a nootropic stack for its anxiolytic and mood-lifting qualities.

Originally published on LimitlessMindset.com

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