A Scent Biohack for Confidence

A Pavlovian Lifehack for Massive Closing Confidence

Have you ever wished you could instantly summon massive confidence for business or social demands? Imagine a moment when you felt supremely confident, accomplished and content, how great would it be if you could biohack your mind-body connection to recreate that sensation at just the moments you needed it the most? This article will present a pretty simple technique for doing exactly that using your sense of smell.

Ivan Pavlov, who won the Nobel Prize for physiology, famously conducted experiments wherein he conditioned his dogs to salivate like they were excited for food when stimulated by completely different than food. In modern psychology, this is referred to as Pavlovian conditioning or respondent conditioning. You can use the same triggering mechanism to bring yourself into a state of confidence before a job interview, sales call, public speaking, social demanding situation or even a date.

The process:

  1. Pick an ‘anchor scent’ which is very distinctive and something you don’t normally smell in the world. This could be a spice, herb, flower or even an old cigar. It’s important that this scent can be carried in a small portable case (or bottle) and does not spoil easily. This scent should not be something from your past or that you have significant life experience with (Example: If your mother cooked with rosemary during your childhood, don’t use rosemary as your scent).
  2. A few seconds after a successful event has put you into a peak state of confidence take a long whiff of your ‘anchor scent’. The successful event could be a business situation like a successful sales call, closing a deal, or a social situation like the way you feel at the end of a great date. Close your eyes and imagine the strong scent permeating into your brain and really let yourself focus on the scent along with the state of confidence and personal power. Repeat this at least 10 times, anchoring the unique scent to this state of mind.
  3. Now you may use this anchoring scent to bring you back into this state of mind as you need it. Keep it by your desk or carry it with you in a small bottle so you can anchor yourself back into this peak state before starting an important meeting.

This technique is particularly useful to sales and business people since they often make multiple sales calls throughout their day where they get into and out of peak states.

Originally published on LimitlessMindset.com

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