Why I have hope as the Idiocracy intensifies…

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In 2020, we’ve all been reminded that we live in history, and it would seem that the rate of change is accelerating to a breakneck velocity. Those among you adroit at pattern recognition may say:

Jonathan, it’s just because it’s a US election year. “They” manufacture crisis every election year to get people motivated to vote one way or another, next year life will be a little more normal.

That makes some sense to me. But, I also know that 2020 belies a general trend that I have written about, of western civilization entering, what I think will be, a short . Nature will reassert evolutionary and Malthusian conditions upon our decadently comfortable society. I urge you to invest in the antifragility necessary to survive this relatively turbulent period of history; in recent email newsletters, I’ve written about what antifragility means pragmatically…

  • Fortifying immunity
  • Electromagnetic antifragility — Using technology responsibly to mitigate DNA damage.
  • Stoicism — Imaging the worst and then planning for it.
  • Long-term food storage
  • Relocation — picking someplace to live that is stable and aligns with your values.

But perhaps more important than any of these is another pillar of antifragility: A partner or spouse. Having a really solid romantic partner makes you all the more resilient in an increasingly entropic world. And believe me when I say that it gives you a lot of hope about the future.

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Not my car (the new version of my old Lexus) — Getting my “Slav squat” on with my fly lady

The #1 complaint of both single men and women dating and looking for a partner is…

People are so flakey nowadays!

Well, I’ve cracked the flakiness code. I’ve figured out how to avoid the flakey time-wasters, for men at least, so I’ve written a new book, for men, about how to meet an attractive woman who has “inner beauty” to match (Yes, it is possible, they are out there if you’re looking in the right places!)

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You be saying to yourself: Well, sorry, it’s not for you then. I chose a title that’s a bit abrasive to drive home the important point that men need to be a lot more selective about the women they seduce. My objective was to write a helpful, honest, and entertaining dating and relationships book for single men seeking meaningful relationships and marriage. I’m a huge advocate of the natural order of complementary respectful relations between the sexes, it’s not really for the pickup artist or Tinder crowd.

Please Pre-Order the book today

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Here on LimitlessMindset.com for $8.99. You’ll receive an immediate download of five chapters…

The audiobook version of the book ($16 value) when it’s produced. The book will be officially launched in 60 days, so expect the audiobook in mid-august.

And you’ll also get access to a private accountability community on Minds.com, where you’ll be able to get feedback and encouragement from me and other likeminded guys.

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I’ve had a couple of people who saw the book cover when I first shared it on social media tell me something to the effect of…

I get this sentiment, I could have just stuck to the relatively inoffensive subject of Nootropics and antiaging, but when I think about what’s drastically improved my life in the past few years, it’s being a real relationship with a real woman! It’s what I wish for any decent man. If that’s you, I want you to “test drive” the book by reading the first chapter, here

The Inevitable Uncondoming — Spicy title right? Here’s an excerpt…

And listen to this deep-dive podcast:

A witty and in-depth discussion with my hot Bulgarian wife about the chapter , from my new book.

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This flowchart visually breaks the chapters of the book, the book will end up being about 80,000 words.

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