A Sublime Nootropic Stack with Style!

Day 1
I was excited to try Tao as I picked up from the post office my box full of the suite of Ultra Human products but a bit skeptical because I’ve tried so many different Nootropic stack products that are underwhelming. The first thing I noted was the great packaging of the stuff;

The first day I took just one capsule before having a lunch that was a little high in carbs. About 30 minutes later I found myself pleasantly accelerated. I was typing with a bit of enhanced speed and accuracy while editing a podcast. My focus is normally quite good when I sit down to work but I noticed I had an extra degree for about 4 hours after dosing. This initial experience was of a subtle smart drug, I don’t think I would take this stuff to wake me up in the morning, I didn’t find it really energizing but it produced a nice state of relaxed arousal.

An Ultra Vacation

I took the Ultra Human products, TAO, Amino Code, and Ultra Keto+MCTs with me on an 8-day vacation to the black sea seaside. People tend to totally cheat on their diets while on vacation because they booze at night and then wake up hungover and binge on pizza, junk food or snacks.

My significant other and I had a fabulous time in the sun.

I used the product for about a month and count it as one of the better pre-made Nootropic stacks I’ve tried. Tao seems to be an extended-release Nootropic, you just take a single capsule daily instead of a morning dose and an afternoon does — I found this gave me an uptick in energy, focus, and cognition for the duration of the workday.

Often Biohackers will play with the dosage of these kinds of pre-made stacks, doubling or tripling the recommended dosage. I would not do that with this stack as it contains Huperzine. Huperzine is a stimulating Nootropic that can become problematic if taken in higher dosages.

I had a cheery and enlightening conversation with Jason Dhir the creator of this Stack, give a listen to the podcast here.

Originally published at https://www.limitlessmindset.com on June 27, 2018.

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