Actually this is a recipe for a #MeToo scandal

The kind of soft prostitution he’s describing is going to bring a lot of very dishonest women into your life and bed. These girls are time bombs waiting to go off. At any moment one of them can decide that they want MORE money from Mr. Hotshot Silicon Valley Playboy here and demand a $10k wire transfer or else they will go to the fake news media with a false accusation that will be pushed far and wide — especially if in several decades Serge is a more public figure on the verge of a momentous business deal or some kind of political success.

In my view there’s just three ways to mitigate risk (in descending order of effectiveness)

  1. Monogamy — Carefully select one virtuous person, who demonstrates trustworthiness and have sex with them exclusively. I’m with Mike Pence on this. Don’t even have a private dinner with a woman that you have a professional relationship with.
  2. Good (no, great!) game — Cultivate really strong game. If you have really solid frame, confidence and abundance women will respect you and will be a lot less likely to make false accusations. Have you noticed that the pickup artists who are actually good almost never catch false rape accusations even though they are sleeping with plenty of random women? That’s because women respect them. If you dishonestly seduce women and abuse your power or professional position to get laid, well karma is a bitch.
  3. Date abroad — Date foreign women in their countries. Less developed countries actually have a lot more sane laws when it comes to sexual allegations. A women’s story isn’t taken seriously unless there is evidence that backs it up. A lot of foreign traditional cultures respect men more. There isn’t so much of a victim culture. Gentlemen, keep your dicks far away from liberated American or western women!

Here’s a narration (with a bit of color commentary) of this article

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