An important hypothetical question…

Imagine that you started seeing A LOT of promotion of Tesla’s self-driving AI — the media was praising it all the time, the politicians were talking about how great it was — the mainstream everything seemed to really want you to be driven by the AI.
But, you kept hearing about how the AI was getting a lot of people into horrific car accidents, people were getting killed and badly injured. It got so bad that almost everybody knew a person who knew a person who had a friend or family member injured by a self-driving AI crash.
The media promoting the self-driving AI never talked about these accidents and you also couldn’t find them on the front page of Google search results but you did a little research and you found that there were official databases documenting many thousands of terrible accidents every year, doing more research you could find vast numbers of people online talking about their AI-caused injuries. You could even find scientific studies talking about this epidemic, and there were a number of veteran AI and automotive experts out there who exhorted the public against driving in Tesla AI-controlled vehicles.
You continued to research and then you came across something shocking, the government indemnified Tesla against lawsuits resulting from ANY AI-caused deaths or injuries. Tesla didn’t have to pay a dime to these people whose lives had been wrecked. The government handled these injury cases, apparently, if people were badly injured or killed by AI crashes they had to go through years of a tortuous bureaucratic process to get a much smaller payout (tax-payer funded) than they actually deserved from the government.
You learn that actually a lot of people (like soldiers, doctors, school teachers, and some government employees) were required by law to be AI-driven in Teslas. The government spent billions of dollars every year buying Teslas and politicians start hinting that eventually everybody might be required to be AI-driven by Tesla.
Knowing a little about human nature and economics, it’s clear what’s happening here. All these AI-crashes, injuries, and deaths are happening because Tesla faces no legal ramifications for their bad AI causing all this death and mayhem — Tesla has government-guaranteed profits, no risk, and no reason to improve their product. They get to privatize their profits and socialize their losses. This all, of course, makes Tesla massive profits, and doing more research you learn that they lobby all the consumer protection agencies and a number of politicians to protect them and their monopoly. Any company that wanted to compete with Tesla, offering safer self-driving AI would face this monolithic political-bureaucratic superstructure of laws and institutions that mandated AI-driven Teslas, and they wouldn’t receive any special protections in the event of lawsuits.

Knowing all this, would you buy or even be driven in an AI Tesla?

Do you know what am I really alluding to here…?

New Interview

I was interviewed by the imminent biohacker Lucas Aoun on the Boost Your Biology podcast here, give it a listen (or a watch, linked below), I think you’ll get some laughs out of it!


New Book Review (for men)

Everything you need to know about Cunnilingus [Book Review] — I just finished a deep-dive review of the sex book “She Comes First,” that you’ll want to checkout or at least listen to the podcast.

New Biohacker Review

NANOTROPIL NOVO® is next-level Phenylpiracetam — I got my hands on a package and have been using it on and off for a few weeks. I cycled off my daily-driver Nootropic, Nicotine, when I first went on it because wanted to more accurately gauge its effects. It’s a quintessential cognitive enhancer…

NANOTROPIL NOVO® is next-level Phenylpiracetam

Who will you be in 2026?

While everyone else is hoping that 2021 will be better than this year. I’ll suggest that you think more about 2026…

Who will you be in 2026?

Make optimistic predictions about what your life could look like in 5 years in these areas…
Business or Career
Education and Learning
Family and Friends
Health and Fitness
Relationships & Sex
Travel & Adventure
Where will you live?
What would an average day or week look like?

Who will you be in five years?

My most popular podcast

I was pleased to discover checking my analytics that my LONGEST ever podcast is actually my most popular, if you haven’t already, download and listen to: Introducing Myself, My Story, and My Values…

Year-End Limitless Mindset Hangout

This weekend I want to host a read Zoom hangout, we can swap stories, have some laughs, and share what personal growth projects are on our respective RADARS going into 2021. Please respond, directly to this email, let me know if you can jump on Zoom this Sunday at 11:30 AM EST, and I’ll send you a Zoom link.

Good news!

I’ve finally found a video platform ideal for the giant library of videos I’ve produced over the years about Biohacking, Lifehacking, Nootropics, Anti-aging, and Mindset — This is a pro-free-speech platform that actually has good video quality, doesn’t require 30-seconds to load videos like it’s the year 1999, and has sharp Android/IOS apps. Please follow me on Rumble!

By the way, you can now find all Limitless Mindset documentaries about health, lifehacking, mindset, science, conspiracies, and personal growth here

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