An irresistible digital “pick up line”

Gents — You’ve probably tried your hand at online dating by this point and are frustrated with just how flaky the girls are on Tinder or elsewhere…

In my new book, Don’t Stick your Dick in a Blender, I’ve got a deep dive chapter on online dating, where are break down what a lot of guys are doing wrong online and how to not waste your time doing it.

The crucial first step of an online interaction that a lot of guys screw up is the first message sent, to get the attention of the kinds of women you’d actually like to date your first message needs to hook her attention and make you stand out a little from the hundreds of other guys hitting her up online.

I’m happily married now but over the years I sent thousands of first messages to girls, either online, or girls I met in the real world, whose numbers or social media contacts I scored. The best first message is typically something contextual, something witty about her. But often you don’t have enough time or information about her to come up with a clever contextual opener that going to hook her attention, in this case, I found that THIS digital pick up line worked better than anything else to hook her attention and elicit a response…

Omg, I just met your twin [insert emoticon]

Silly right? Here’s why it works…

  • It appeals to women’s vanity; they will wonder if there’s really someone else out there that looks like them. They will wonder if their “twin” is better looking than them.
  • Playful tone; Omg and the emoticon let her know that this may not be really serious.
  • It elicits a response, she’ll be curious about her “twin” and will respond…

Of course, this opener is a little lie, you didn’t meet anyone who looked like her, so you want to follow it up with an absurd little story…

Well, I was arrested for a bank robbery that I’m planning, I got sent to jail, and I met your twin there. She helped me escape jail and she said that you might be an eligible candidate for our bank robbery team. Is it true that you can Kung-Fu fight in high heels? Also she want her hair dryer back that you barrowed [winky face]

This makes it clear that you’re a fun guy who doesn’t take this online dating thing too seriously. If she’s not totally lame she’ll play along with your little scenario. Then you can find out a little more about her and move to scheduling a date.

Try it as your Tinder opener or text messaging girls you might have met in the real world. There’s a lot of other nuances to first messages and online game or text game, but I just wanted to share something simple you can copy-paste that works. I’ve gotten at least one girlfriend out of this line.

The chapter, The Siren Song of Online Dating, delves a lot deeper into this topic, and explains why online dating simply isn’t going to work for some guys. If you hate wasting your time with girls that just aren’t ever going to take you seriously, you would at least want to read this chapter so you can devote your time more fruitfully.

More about the book Don’t Stick Your Dick in a Blender: How to meet a nice girl instead — from a tantric husband with a better sex life than you!

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The Inevitable Uncondoming
How to Meet a Nice Girl in the COVID-19 Era
Dating and Marrying Exotic Foreign Women
Seducing a Virgin
The Siren Song of Online Dating

The audiobook version of the book ($16 value) when it’s produced. The book will be officially launched in 60 days, so expect the audiobook in mid-august.

And you’ll also get access to a private accountability community, The League of Limitless Gentlemen on, where you’ll be able to get feedback and encouragement from me and other likeminded guys.

I’ve had a couple of people who saw the book cover when I first shared it on social media tell me something to the effect of…

Stay in your lane Jonathan. Stick to writing about the Nootropics and Biohacking stuff. Stay away from dating and relationships, the whole subject is a total minefield!

I get this sentiment, I could have just stuck to the relatively inoffensive subject of Nootropics and antiaging, but when I think about what’s drastically improved my life in the past few years, it’s being a real relationship with a real woman! It’s what I wish for any decent man.

I’ll continue to email you tips, strategies, and pragmatic stuff from the book if that’s ok with you. If you’re not interested just drop me a quick response letting me know and I’ll just stick to emailing you about biohacking and anti-aging stuff.


Jonathan Roseland

Adventuring philosopher, Pompous pontificator, Writer, K-Selected Biohacker, Tantric husband, Raconteur & Smart Drug Dealer 🇺🇸

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