Angry about America?

I bet you are, especially if that’s where you are or are from.

Jonathan Roseland
7 min readJun 17, 2020


In your email inbox and on social media, you’re getting all these ideological hot takes from different brands and gurus about the utterly discordant state of things in the (very dis-)United States. I’ll spare you mine in this newsletter.

I just finished a great book about chronic pain, which is a problem epidemic in its specter. The book explains how anger, especially suppressed or chronic anger, manifests as chronic pain.

This makes me think of the sordid state of my country in the current year; in America people are mad. We are a divided and angry country and it’s just getting worse. Tens of millions are seething angry with President Trump or with watching western civilization break down (or both), very few are channeling that raw emotion productively, and doing meditation before bed to release all that pent up rage. Venting vitriolically on social media (IN ALL CAPS) is not the way to release anger about politics, in fact, it probably just perpetuates the chronic anger (especially when you get in a pointless Facebook argument with your aunt!) I predict that America’s chronic pain problem will just get worse. Judging by their social media activity, lots of previously happy-go-lucky, cool-headed Americans that I’ve known have become 24/7 political rageaholics. Political pundits and talking heads in the media are fond of telling us…

If you’re not angry, you’re not paying attention.

And it’s sort of true. I repeatedly exhorted my audience, friends, and family (especially those in America) to pay attention, resist normalcy bias, and invest in full-spectrum antifragility because the world is just getting more entropic and Darwinian.

A couple of lifehacks for the political engaged:

  • If you want to get all fired up about politics, get some exercise, make love, or do some meditation at the end of the day.
  • Around 2017, I just stopped following anyone on social media who posted things that ticked me off, which probably puts me in an “echo-chamber”, but I waste a whole lot less time in pointless arguments and I don’t get my cortisol spiked every time I log-on to social media.
  • I did what people always threaten to do the day after an election of a Presidential candidate they don’t like, I moved away to another country that aligns closely with my politics and ideological worldview, and it’s great here! It’s safe to walk the city streets, the government didn’t go full-1984 in response to COVID-19, I don’t have to worry about tyrannical police officers, the cost of living is low, people are friendly, the food is good (and organic), my family’s health insurance is unbelievably cheap while the healthcare is affordable and good (not that we really need it being Biohackers.)

I’d also urge you to try “tapping” to resolve stress, anxiety, and anger about the real-life Idiocracy that we now seem to live in, I break it down how here.

New Book Review

A surprisingly simple solution for chronic pain relief. [The Tapping Solution Book Review] — Tapping is an application of Emotional Freedom Techniques, it’s kind of wuwu, but it’s free, and there’s no risks or downsides and this book thoroughly documents numerous case studies of it (sometimes instantaneous) working wonders, providing badly needed relief for those suffering from treatment-resistant chronic pain.

New Podcasts

Five Respiratory Health Hacks — In 2020 we’ve all heard hundreds of times now from the media that those with respiratory health challenges are at especially high risk if they contract the COVID-19 virus. Here we’ll delve into five approaches for managing respiratory challenges, which aren’t painfully obvious like getting some regular aerobic exercise, drinking a lot of water, and of course NOT smoking cigarettes, cannabis, or vaping.

Don’t take Growth Hormone WITHOUT this Cofactor — Exogenous Growth Hormone supplementation can be one of the most powerful biohacks for muscle growth, youthful energy, and anti-aging but there’s a darkside which must be accounted for…

Gurus Exposed!

I’ll direct you to a Youtuber I just discovered, Coffeezilla (odd name, I know), this fun investigative channel exposes the lies, fraud, and abuse of many of the get-rich-quick entrepreneurship and self-help gurus whose ads you’ve seen on Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube. I didn’t know how dirty the players were in this space before discovering Coffeezilla. I’ve always been highly suspicious of people pitching a too-good-to-be-true “proven system” for getting rich with Facebook ads, Forex, cryptocurrency trading, or whatever because if they’ve discovered such an effective system for getting rich which don’t they just keep it to themselves and enrich themselves further. I wrote on Facebook recently

You know what I find quite dumb, all these Internet Entrepreneurship gurus who sell training programs/courses that would seem to just flood any space with amateur wannabes…
EVERYBODY should be a podcaster
EVERYBODY should be a freelance marketing consultant
EVERYBODY should be a Facebook ads manager
EVERYBODY should be a health guru
EVERYBODY should run a webcam girl studio/harem (yes there’s a guy pitching this as a lifestyle business)

Do you guys not understand supply and demand? There’s a finite number of midsized businesses out there that might hire marketing consultants. If you train a bunch of guys to be marketing consultants you drive down the value of the labor of the current pool of marketing consultants. You’re kind of screwing your initial students by selling a pipe-dream educational course that’s teaching a bunch of new people to then compete with them. You’re also really muddying the waters of any talent pool by selling a pipe-dream lifestyle business that’s going to produce a bunch of pseudo-experts who have just gone through a week-long course.
If you’re a guy with two friends in a nightclub and all three of you have really tight game you DONT WANT to start teaching the other 30 dudes in the club to be pickup artists if there are only 10 hot chicks in the club (and NO new hot chicks arriving).
You want to profit and preserve opportunity by maintaining the natural asymmetry of skill in a marketplace.

I’d like to see more entrepreneurs focusing on innovation, mastery, apprenticeship, and building cool things that create demand instead of this mad race to the bottom.

One of the most egregious examples of this I come across is this guy, who doesn’t live far from me, apparently, he makes millions of dollars running a webcam studio in Romania, he manages a bunch of cam girls, who pathetic men pay to watch and actually send money to. If that wasn’t bad enough, he aggressively pitches a £1,299 course, which will apparently teach you how to make millions, as an e-pimp like him. Does that make any sense? If you’re making a killing in some kind of business, WHY would you want to encourage a bunch of new people to get into that business and compete with you? You wouldn’t. As is exposed repeatedly, people like this make their money by selling a pipe-dream, overpriced video courses not much better than what you can find on Youtube.

If the global lockdowns and economic armageddon have got you interested Entrepreneurship, please do not pay $1000, $2000, or $5000 for some guru’s Entrepreneurship course. The best genuine Entrepreneurship educators write books that you can learn everything you need to from. Read their books, take action, make sales calls, build something, and you’ll make that transition from Wantraprenuer to Entrepreneur. If you have an extra thousand dollars burning a hole in your pocket; invest in your health, a long-term food supply, or precious metals.


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New Book

I’m about 70% done with a new book entitled Don’t Stick Your Dick in a Blender: How to meet a nice girl instead — from a tantric husband with a better sex life than you! If you find that title offensive the book is NOT for you, it’s a dating/relationships book for single men seeking meaningful relationships and marriage. I’m a huge advocate of the natural order of complementary respectful relations between the sexes, the book is not really for the pickup artist/Tinder crowd. Check out the book cover here.

Are you a married man?

I would like to interview you, anonymously if you prefer, for 30–45 minutes if…

  • You have been happily married for between 5–10 years.
  • You still have sex regularly with your wife.

I’m about halfway through a new book for single men about how to meet and court wife-material women. I got married in 2018 and nothing has made me happier or imbued my life with more meaning. Culture moves pretty fast so what men did in the ’80s, ’90s, or even early 2000s to meet and marry a virtuous woman is more or less irrelevant in 2020. Thus, I want to talk to guys who found great women in the past decade and remained married, I want to compare notes and hear what they did right. If that’s YOU just respond to this email and we’ll schedule a Skype chat.

Please Respond

The best podcast I’ve produced recently was my review of EMF’d by Dr. Mercola, addressing the 5G issue.

I’m curious, have you gotten in any debates about this recently? Did you manage to change any minds?

Conspiring against in the impending Idiocracy,

Jonathan Roseland



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