Aniracetam: A clumpy focus drug for nerds

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I probably would not purchase this again because

  • I’ve got a lot of other Nootropics that I need to field test.
  • I didn’t find it more or less cognitively enhancing than Piracetam. At the rate I’m consuming this little 50-gram bag, Piracetam is a better value.
  • For only a little more cash I can get it in capsule form that I just have to swallow as opposed to the awkward experience of consuming it in its powdered form.

About Pharmaceutical Grade Aniracetam

Originally published on I’m not a doctor, medical professional, or trained therapist. I’m a researcher and pragmatic biohacking practitioner exercising free speech to share evidence as I find it. I make no claims. Please practice skepticism and rational critical thinking. You should consult a professional about any serious decisions that you might make about your health. Affiliate links in this article support Limitless Mindset — spend over $100 and you’ll be eligible to join the Limitless Mindset Secret Society.



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Jonathan Roseland

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