Aniracetam — Hacking the Ampakine Receptor

Aniracetam is an smart drug, DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) has actually experimented with Aniracetam which I think means that they are feeding it to the aliens in Area-51 or maybe it’s what they give to the (very bored) government employee who spy on us through through our webcams and Smart TVs.

Order Aniracetam Capsules & Powder

Aniracetam is just not my favorite Racetam, for me it’s really good for my memory but I have noticeably less discipline, energy and focus than while dosed on other Racetams I’ve talked about.

It’s not very energizing, so if you are a person that is trying to avoid stimulants, Aniracetam maybe a good option for you. For me I really like smart drugs that put me into this intensely focused zone so I usually stack it with Piracetam or a Caffeine +Theanine stack (Like 1–2 GO by Pure Nootropic!)

It’s supposed to be a solution for social anxiety, and I used to have pretty bad social anxiety but I’ve made such lifestyle of getting way outside of my social comfort zone that I just can’t tell much of a difference between my baseline sociability and Aniracetam.

I’m going to categorize Aniracetam as being a good smart drug for people who have jobs that attractive girls in bars aren’t very interested in hearing about. It’s a good drug for focusing on boring technical problem solving or website development. I’m a Joomla developer, and I find that if I do between 1500 milligrams and 3000 milligrams of Aniracetam, I’ll be a pretty boring person, you wouldn’t really want to hang out with me, but I’ll get my work done.

Powdered Aniracetam is still a whole lot better value
$18.99 30 X 750 milligrams = 22.5 grams
$36.98 60 X 750 milligrams = 45 grams
$24.95 75 grams (powdered)

As I’ve talked about before Aniracetam really is unpleasant to consume in powdered form, I dump it in a glass of water, stir it up and it’s still really clumpy, the clumps for some reason I choke on like half the time, going down. Of all the weird drugs and supplements I’ve tried this only happens to me with Aniracetam.
However, there’s a bit of a lifehack for this, drop a dissolving Vitamin C tablet in it and the Aniracetam will dissolve also.
I was traveling recently and I was transporting several baggies of powdered (and labeled!) smart drugs across international borders. While the TSA didn’t pull me out of line and check my luggage I imagine that they would have grilled me quite thoroughly about my suspicious looking white powders. This is a scenario that I would avoid by just taking capsuled smart drugs.

I dropped three capsules, 2400 milligrams total and I felt just a little more focused than I do usually. Another day I did 4 capsules or 3200 milligrams, which felt about the same. In the past I had experienced really breakthrough brain training scores while on Aniracetam, however, this go around my brain-training scores on Aniracetam have not been outstandingly good or bad.

Aniracetam is a nootropic drug that can help promote increased learning and enhance cognitive abilities.

  • Improve memory formation (reference)
  • Fast acting / potent racetam (ref)
  • Anxiety / depression / stress relief (ref)
  • Used to treat Alzheimer’s/elderly senile dementia (ref)

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