Announcing the Limitless Health Store

In my 10 years as a biohacking evangelist, running Limitless Mindset, the most common questions I get are about where to get credible Nootropics, anti-aging supplements, and biohacking tech.

People are understandable a bit overwhelmed by the vast number of options, brands, and supplement variants they are presented with online or in the rows of shelves in supplement shops. And I have a new destination you’ll want to bookmark if you’re ever wondered, for example, “where can I get legit, organic Rhodiola, purity-tested NMN (the epigenetic anti-aging vitamin for smarter genes), or made in America Quercetin to keep COVID at bay?” — The Limitless Health store.

At this new store, I’m proud to offer…

Everything you’ll find in the Limitless Health store is pure, organic, or pharmaceutical grade (lab-verified with a certificate of analysis).

This is the stuff I myself take and I’ve done biohacker evaluations of many of the products you’ll find there…

My strength has always been creating compelling educational multimedia content, and contemplating my 2022 aims I asked myself, how can I take that to the next level?

It’s bringing more people into the fold, dragging new sailors onto this biohacking/lifehacking pirate ship — evangelizing. Online, in the personal growth and health spaces, there’s a tremendous amount of “preaching to the choir” — gurus talking to the crowd that’s already into this stuff. And I’m more interested in being a “gateway drug” — reaching out to the crowd of people who might never have tried meditation or even heard of Nootropics. With this aim as my compass, Limitless Health will accept cryptocurrency exclusively — here’s why…

  • The crypto crowd is the kind of folks we want on the pirate ship. They are early adopters, ambitious risk-takers, analytical geeks, and often freedom lovers.
  • I want to connect the ethereal digital crypto realm to health products that you can hold in your hands. The more that crypto is used in real-world commerce the less people can call it a scam, Ponzi scheme, or rank speculation — the less excuse government has to squash innovation with regulation.

No need to ask if the Limitless Health store will accept credit cards or bank transfers (which inevitably get lost somehow between bank accounts), it won’t. This decision will cost me some business, I’m sure, but it’s a matter of principle and pragmatism for me…

  • As I’ve articulated elsewhere, cryptocurrency is the vehicle that will get us to a saner, freer future and I despise the statist vampire on the neck of mankind that is the debt-based legacy financial system (I have as little to do with it as I can) so this is my foray into the new burgeoning new parallel economy.
  • Pragmatically, running a store I need to provide great customer service and legacy payment processing is a major customer service problem area. I’m not going to be outsourcing customer service to $5/hour virtual assistants, my wife is going to be helping me in the customer service department with the same unwavering dedication she brings to all my ventures, but I’m not willing to let credit card screwups and lost wire transfers rob my time from what I’m actually good at; research, creating awesome educational content, and jumping on VOIP calls to listen and help folks out with some much-needed clarity in their biohacking endeavors.

Limitless Health will accept Bitcoin, Ethereum, the (few legit) gold-backed stablecoins that I’m a big fan of, and over 80 of the popular cryptos via our payment processors NOWPayments and CoinPayments. I’m also going to look into how I might accept payment in physical gold or silver, I’d love to have some of that crowd on the pirate ship!

You might be saying, “Jonathan, this all sounds great but I don’t have crypto.”

Well nowadays, it’s easier than ever to set up a digital wallet and acquire crypto, I personally use and recommend (referral code: zbjq85affr). They give you a $25 sign-up bonus and for the first month, they waive their low transaction fees on crypto purchases which you can make at true cost securely with a credit card.

With this store, I can take the Limitless Mindset community building to the next level (and, importantly, offline).

I built Biohacker Connect, a geodirectory so that you can make friends with like-minded, health-conscious folks that might be in your geographic neighborhood. A $100 purchase at entitles you to a lifetime Biohacker Connect membership — This biohacking/lifehacking stuff is supposed to be a team sport and it’s a lot more fun when you’re not doing it alone.

And orders about $175 include memberships in the Limitless Mindset Secret Society. Our private online discussion community, includes a 30-minute one-on-one biohacking consultation call with Applied Neuroscience Strategist Jonathan Roseland.

Serving Biohackers Globally

As you can see at Limitless Health I also offer products from some fine international vendors of health supplements so I can serve biohackers in Europe and a number of countries, the products’ pages, and checkout will clarify which products can be shipped to which countries.

With Limitless Health security and privacy are a major priority

Some of these products are things that you might not like to have in your transaction history with your bank or credit card company. You can order with confidence via our payment processors (and use privacy coins if you prefer).

Go check out what I offer in the store, I’ll make a few suggestions…

Pure NMN, the epigenetic vitamin for smarter genes, is an anti-aging gamechanger and the best NAD+ source in my view. It’s available capsuled or powdered.

IC Pad by Infopathy — Uses electromagnetism and a trippy flashing light to “download” into water almost ANY drug, pharmaceutical, or supplement. If you’re skeptical, you’ll want to check out the evidence presented in my biohacker review, Downloadable medicine is NO longer science fiction…

Visomitin, the mitochondrially-targetted eye drops for free-radical-free vision — these must-haves for anyone who gets eye strain from staring at a computer screen all day long!

And thanks in advance for your support of my mission!



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