Biohacking for a Quarter Century with the Brofessor…

I interviewed Professor David Williams Biohacker, chemist, writer and CEO of BChems a research chemical company.

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Topics Discussed

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2:53 How we met in Medellin, Colombia
Lifehacking Sobriety: 100 Days of Ethical Hedonism in South America’s #1 Vice City
4:50 David’s Corporate Experience
6:05 Biohacker Origin Story
8:00 PTSD
11:20 Meditation
14:19 PTSD vs Nootropics
16:30 Racetams
18:20 Hacking Bioavailability
25:50 Psychedelics
Jonathan on Ayahuasca (Yage in Colombia)
33:17 Morning Routine
Bulletproof Coffee
Lion’s Mane
Chaga Mushroom
36:30 Sleep Hacking
53:08 Microdosing
101:02 Research Chemicals
BC Suspension
106:00 Q&A
Alpha GPC
112:30 Brain Fog
Methylene Blue
118:08 Neurogenesis
Vitamin B-12
#14 Hacking the Mind with Software — Dr. Mark A. Smith Interview
127:30 Body Building
1:35:15 David’s review of Caballo
1:41:20 Books
‘Dirty As Fuck’
The Brofessor on Youtube


“shouldnt we all take a sip of methylene blue every morning?”

Yes!!!!! I’m really interested in neurogenesis drugs such as dihexa, 9-Me-Bc, NSI,ect… how much of a danger are these types of drugs? When taking these types of drugs you increase BDNF and NGF, but I’m under the impression too much can cause cancer. Where does the balance lie? How can you take these drugs and be safe and binifit from them?

How to choose the best choline source and can you use Alpha Gpc and citicholine together
Best sources for Alpha Gpc and citicholine?

I combine alpha gpc and cdp choline into a blend I sell on site called choline complex. Unfortunately customs seized my last shipment of the two so it’s sold out. Questions to ask chemist….Are you for hire?

This website has +400 pages of information demystifying Lifehacking, Biohacking and Smart Drugsthat’s kind of an overwhelming amount of information. As soon as you join the Limitless Mindset Community (It’s free!) we give you instant access to an interactive infographic which visually breaks the widely disparate topics we cover in exhaustively in our articles, videos and podcasts.

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Adventuring philosopher, Pompous pontificator, Writer, K-Selected Biohacker, Tantric husband, Raconteur & Smart Drug Dealer 🇺🇸

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