Biohacking Immunity: For Resilience, Prevention and Performance

’Tis the season to feel a little under the weather.

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  • Their stomachs will grumble with nausea.
  • Their sinuses will get blocked up with mucus.
  • They’ll toss and turn in bed for hours before finally sleeping badly for a few hours.
  • They’ll be tormented by migraines.
  • They’ll cancel their weekend social plans so that they can sleep extra.
  • If they get sick they’ll double or triple dose on the DayQuil, NyQuil or Paracetamol.
  • They’ll maybe even spend some long hours kneeling before the porcelain throne.

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

In this article, I’m going to give you some effective Biohacks for staying healthy this winter. If you hate getting sick during the winter and losing productive days, you’re definitely going to want to implement these Biohacks.

Immune Biohacks

The most effective, most economically supplements are toward the top of this list. I really, really hate getting sick and losing days feeling miserable so I use all of them to stay healthy. If you have a limited budget and time get the ones towards the top of this list.

Siberian Ginseng (Eleuthero)

Siberian ginseng (which I think is a cooler name than Eleutherococcus senticosus) is probably my favorite immune biohack because of its effectiveness, safety and low cost along with pleasant taste and aesthetics. The Soviets in Russia utterly failed to build a socialist utopia but luckily for you did they manage to do some good herbal science and identify this immunity promoting supplement which was badly needed in a country where the weather sometimes gets as cold as on the surface of the moon. It worked so well that they gave it to everyone from their Olympic athletes and soldiers fighting in Afghanistan to cosmonauts and supersonic aviators.


Staying healthy or getting sick during the wintertime has a lot to do with your levels of stress and testosterone. Your testosterone will naturally lower during the cold months that you are spending more time inside and getting less natural sunlight. As your testosterone lowers you’re much more likely to get sick.
Chronic stress is testosterone’s biological nemesis. Probably the most effective way of optimizing your testosterone is to be vigilant about your stress management; Ashwagandha is an Adaptogen that powerfully modulates your autonomic nervous system to better manage stress.


An essential nutrient for healthy immune function. A publicly published 2008 American paper exhaustively documents its essential role

Vitamin C

Another VERY affordable vitamin that belongs in your Biohacker cabinet. From the research of Linus Pauling

Vitamin D

During the winter months, it’s especially important to supplement Vitamin D, specifically D3. Over a hundred clinical trials have been done in the past 10 years researching the connection between this crucial vitamin and the immune system.


This is probably my favorite Adaptogenic herb because of the noticeable dual effects it has of alleviating stress and energizing you.
Again, anything that improves your stress management has a downstream effect improving your immune system.
Rhodiola will put some pep in your step about 15–30 minutes after you consume it, it’s a wakefulness agent, some researchers even regard it as an herbal alternative to Modafinil, I’m not sure if I go that far but for me, it is an alternative to coffee.


This antioxidant is fundamental to our underlying Mitochondrial energy production process that powers our immune system.

Red Reishi

This is another Adaptogen that works on your autonomic nervous system and benefits immunity.


A 2015 placebo-controlled human study of 79 healthy Korean men evaluated its effectiveness as an immune hack


This anti-aging Nootropic is important to healthy immune function. From a 2011 Indian paper

Immune 26

This hyperimmune egg supplement seriously empowers your immune system (even years after you’ve stopped taking it in my experience). It has a fascinating mechanism of borrowing the immune strengths from avian species that have better immune systems than humans.

N-Acetyl Cysteine (NAC)

This inexpensive supplement powerfully modulates the complicated glutathione mechanism of our neurobiology to optimize our immune system, it…

  • Breaks down mucous.
  • Protects against bacteria.


NAD+ tunes your immune system like a master tuner tuning a grand piano. It will also modulate down the immune system which mitigates various autoimmune disorders. From a paper published by Harvard Medical School


Melatonin’s main utility to Biohackers is as a sleep aid. It supplements an important hormone that puts you to sleep.

Immune Lifehacks


One of the main reasons we suffer from seasonal affective disorder is the lack of natural light from the sun. Ideally, you would want to spend about 15 minutes every day sunbathing in your swimsuit (or your birthday suit!) but during the wintertime, you’ll be lucky to get just a few moments of sunlight a day on your face as you hurry in from the cold.
Maybe you can do some winter sports nearly naked like this guy…

Probiotic Foods

Giving your gut biome the healthy bacteria it needs is key to your immune system functioning and your body being able to fully utilize and absorb the nutrients in the supplements mentioned above. Daily try to consume some of the following probiotics

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  • Korean kimchi
  • German sauerkraut
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  • Russian Kvass
  • Kombucha


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  • As little as 25 grams of Garlic is toxic, presumably even less if you’re consuming none-organic garlic.
  • Garlic allergies are common.
  • You’ll stink of garlic. Despite the best dental hygiene, it comes out of your pores.
  • Contrary to what every child jokes about on Halloween, a very humorous Norwegian study indicated garlic may actually attract vampires!


Every year new studies come out showing that fasting is a better and better lifestyle practice.

How to fast:

  • Start the fast in the middle of the day,
  • Eat a big lunch of healthy fats and just don’t eat anything solid for 24–72 hours.
  • Drink a lot of water or tea.
  • Occupy yourself with some tasks that are distracting but NOT too physically excruciating.
  • The meal you have breaking the fast will be amazing, it will taste like the best meal at the fanciest restaurant you’ve ever visited.

Ejaculation Control (For Men)

This immunity lifehack comes from the original Biohackers — Taoists. From a book that is a must-read for men, The Tao Of Health, Sex, and Longevity

Time X Suffering

As a Lifehacker, I’m always thinking about the value of my time and the opportunity cost of whatever I’m doing. So allowing myself to get sick is a pretty egregious sin.considering that it costs between dozens of hours too many days of lost productivity. This cost is multiplied by the suffering and stress involved, getting sick is like taking an unplanned vacation and hating every minute of it. No thank you!

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