OPM (Other people’s money) is an acronym you’re probably familiar with if you have a modicum of experience with entrepreneurship or the business world.

OPM is at it’s core about leveraging other people’s capital and resources for exponential growth (hopefully!)

Let’s say that an entrepreneur has $10,000 to spend building something
They spend the $10,000
Build the thing
And then sell the thing
Then spend $10,000 to build the thing again
Sell the thing again
BUT in 2017 if the market really wants the thing the entrepreneur can easily raise $50,000 or $100,000 from investors — people in the business of leveraging risk — and they can build a whole lot more of the thing and then all they’ll have to focus on in the medium term is selling — and selling is a lot more fun (as you saw in the movie The Wolf of Wall Street!)

That’s a bit of a simplification but you get the idea of OPM and how it gives YOU the leverage to grow a whole lot faster. Investors certainly don’t provide the OPM to merely be altruistic; they also do it for leverage but they are leveraging your time and labor for a chance at a major payday or long term future profit.

This week a lot of you will be seeing loved ones for the holidays. If you’re NOT you should at least schedule a Skype call to catchup!
Whether it’s this week or in the few remaining weeks of the 2017, you’ll be catching up with family and old friends; enjoying some succulent food and drink, watching some football and maybe arguing about politics a little. They’ll hopefully be quite intrigued to hear about this fascinating new passion of your’s — Biohacking.

To continue the analogy, your loved ones are kind of like investors, but unlike normal investors that you might be in a business relationship with, they are not seeking a monetary return on investment from you in the future. Really, they just want to see you happier and more successful in the future, and you probably underestimate their willingness to invest in that given the prospect of exponential growth.

Anything that really improves your mind is a stimulator of exponential personal growth…

  • Like the supplements and tools for optimizing your Mitochrondria that I’ve been discussing in the last few emails.
  • Taking your mindfulness practice to the next level with instantaneously biofeedback using the EmWave2 device.
  • An economical bulk supply of Nootropics or pharma grade supplements that will last you like 6 months.
  • Sleep hacking tools and technology that make your nocturnal hours truly restful, serene and rejuvenating.
  • Stocking up on really high quality, healthy food.
  • Getting a membership at a really great gym.
  • Attending a meditation retreat or wellness event that could give you a much needed true vacation from your busy life.
  • The personal genetic risk profiling that I talked about last week.
  • Perhaps this year you suffered some trauma or misfortune that has been holding you back from really living and you are in need of healing.
  • Or maybe hiring some kind of health or personal accountability coach is really what will help you break through a plateau.

If you had a hundred (or a thousand!) MORE dollars to spend on your biohacking, how much MORE progress could you make in the next 6 months towards being that person you really want to be?
How happy would your loved ones be to see you becoming that person?

Interestingly, in many languages the word for cheers that you use when toasting friends or family is also the word for health; Santé! Gesondheid! Sláinte! ΥΓΕΙΑ! Salute! Saúde! Na zdorovie!
This is because somewhere deep in our cultural DNA we know that the health of those we care for underlies or ultimately undermines their happiness, success or mediocrity.
I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised at the positive response you get if you ask people who care for you to invest in your health.

I’ve written in the past about this motivational mechanism that really kicks in when you spend your own hard earned money on something.
Well, there’s also a social motivational mechanism when you know that someone you care about has made an investment in you. Perhaps, you want to use both motivational strategies by proposing to your investor that you split the cost on an investment you want to make in your personal growth in 2018, so they know you have skin in the game.

At the least you could encourage your friends and family to get your the gifts you actually want. And this week would be the time to do that!
In my immediate family we are really good at getting each other gifts that we would actually care about, but my extended family is pretty terrible at this… Every holiday they send me home with a bunch of crap that will be broken, collecting dust or out of style in a year.
If your family is the same, this week is the time to let them know that you don’t want ANOTHER red sweater and to share with them the Biohacking products you are actually interested in.

I’m well aware that some people reading this are NOT so lucky to be surrounded by loving family during the holidays. Some of you are going to be alone. I’m sorry about that. It sucks. I’ve been there. Let me give you a couple of lifehacks to deal with that…

  • On the day of the major holiday that everybody else has off and you’re alone don’t have any booze in your house. The temptation to drink away the sorrow is pretty irresistible.
  • Practice loving-kindness meditation — for just a few minutes every hour wish someone you know a nice day. It sounds like the most girly self help thing, I know, but it really does help your mood!
  • Practice 60 seconds of gratitude every morning — before you get up, get dressed or get on your phone in the morning jsut spend 60 seconds thinking about something (anything!) that happened yesterday that you are thankful for.
  • Write — On Christmas day (or whenever) get a pen and pad, get away from your technology and spend a couple of hours just journaling. You’ll be quite surprised about what comes out of you!

Please respond and let me know…

What kind of Biohacking stuff would YOU be doing if you had a $10,000 check to spend specifically on your health…?

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Opining optimistically,

Jonathan Roseland

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