Biohacking Sleep with Lighting, Beverages and Mindset

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Sleep hacking

A sleep hack worth well worth a download is the Sleep Cycle app


Ashwagandha is the notable Melatonin alternative

Red strains of Kratom


Before Bed Beverage regime

Orange Sunglasses


Sleep mask and Earphones

Lighting & Screens

Blue light and fluorescent light

I really sucked at sleep for about a decade

What should I be thinking about to go sleep?

Non-stimulatory Thinking



Visualizing physical action

Practicing vocabulary

Audio enablers of slumber

The Power of Non-stimulatory Thinking

The Smart Device by Johannes Väänänen inventor of the smart phone

How is non-stimulatory thinking done practically?

To summarize

Next Chapter: The Technology Trap

This is a chapter from my mémoire and lifehacking manifesto.

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