Bitcoin is “the next Bitcoin”

Interview with Adam the BitcoinMeister

He predicted the $1 trillion Bitcoin market cap which was reached last week. He’s been into crypto since 2013, paid $210 for a Bitcoin, and today he’s much more than a $50,000-aire because of three words, deferral of gratification. He breaks down why Bitcoin is the next Bitcoin.

1:31 Deferral of gratification
6:05 Bitcoin > altcoins
10:40 The halvening
13:33 How do you resist the temptation to spend your Bitcoin?
18:39 Gold-backed crypto
21:58 Investing in cryptocurrency startups?
25:30 Are altcoins or the Bitcoin Lightning Network better for transactional mediums for payment
29:45 HODL for life?
34:52 The case for optimism about the future
41:04 How to live without spending Bitcoin
46:25 Death, taxes, and Bitcoin
50:45 Adam’s anti-aging lifestyle hacks

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