Black Coffee: Drink the Pricey Stuff!

Jonathan’s thoughts on the documentary series “Black Coffee”

The takeaway message from the series is: drink the pricey stuff, avoid the cheap stuff! Cheap coffee is bad for your body and mind in different dimensions and buying cheap coffee essentially supports the modern-day equivalent of human slavery. Whereas buying the good, pricier stuff supports development, education, small business, political freedom, and health in the developing world.

Part 1: The Irresistible Bean

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From the documentary

  • 500 billion cups of coffee a year are consumed.
  • 120 million people depend upon coffee for their livelihood.
  • Most traded legal commodity other than oil.
  • Coffee is from Ethiopia, not south America.
  • The cafe in Venice, Italy where Casanova used to pick up chicks.
  • Tip is an acronym: To ensure promptness
  • England — old wives tale of coffee being bad for men’s sex drive: Nothing moist but the tips of their noses, nothing stiff but their joints, and nothing standing but their ears.
  • There were actually hookers in the coffee houses and the men would say to their wives, “Oh sorry I just had some coffee.”
  • Coffee was a huge part of the reason that the slave trade existed.
  • The major coffee companies Maxwell House and Folgers would drive down the quality of the coffee.
  • A Colombian guy testified in front of the US congress: Lack of education, malnutrition, etc — If we can work out a fair price we can overcome these things: If not you caste millions adrift in a sea of poverty.

Watch the rest of the documentary series…

Part 2 Gold in Your Cup

Part 3 The Perfect Cup

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