BPC-157: The Accelerated Full Body Healing Hack

12 Benefits of BPC-157

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Healing Hack

It heals tendons, ligaments, muscles, and even bones. I list this first because this is its real strength. Anyone who’s spent much time in the gym knows that if you want to put on muscle you need to really push yourself and inevitably you’ll suffer some sort of injury. I go to the gym regularly and I’ve noticed a micro-injury in my left elbow, it’s just a little sensitive, it (almost imperceptibly) hurts at the end of a day and is a bit strained after a gym session. It’s not quite enough suffering for me to justify quitting the gym or really worrying about it. I can imagine if I pushed myself even harder in the gym, I’d have numerous niggling little injuries and I would be willing to experiment with a research chemical like this that hacks healing.

Arthritis Treatment

One of the first animal studies that made BPC-157 stand out among research chemicals found it highly effective in treating Arthritis after a two-week course of administration.

Growth Factor Hack

BPC-157 stimulates growth factor EGF-1 and EGR-1 nerve growth factor. Nerve growth is great, it empowers neuroplasticity; the capacity of the mind to change, adapt, and heal itself. We can attribute the Nootropic effects some report to the nerve growth stimulation.

Leaky Gut

BPC-157 does wonders for a cantankerous gut and gastrointestinal system. If you suffer from leaky gut, irritable bowel syndrome, or digestion issues it’s probably worth experimenting with.

Gut-Brain Biohack

There’s an undeniable connection between gut health and cognitive function. A 2016 paper delves into the Theoretical and Practical Implications of how BPC-157 hacks our neurobiology.


It’s demonstrated to have Neuroprotective effects in animal studies. More Neuroprotection is good, this means that your mind is more resilient to stress, anxiety, and toxicity of modernity.

Treating Ulcers

One of the earlier Croatian papers delves into its potential treating ulcers:

Cancer Treatment

Apparently, it rescues animals in studies from cancer cachexia, a metabolic downstream effect of cancer that is responsible for 20% of cancer deaths.

Sleep Enhancer

Sleep quantity and quality have everything to do with our bodies’ capacity to recover and rebuild muscles after a grueling workout, along with healing injuries.
While not evaluated in studies, rigorous self-experimenter Lucas Aoun reported to me that he got his best sleep ever on BPC-157 as measured by his Oura Ring.

Healing Eye Injuries

A 2018 European study found that it rapidly healed corneal injuries to the eye

Counteracting Liver Disease

Six studies underline its effect on counteracting liver diseases. An older study published in the esteemed journal Life Sciences established its Hepatoprotective effect and concluded

Addiction Recovery

As a healing agent, it can (supposedly) be miracle medicine for some whose bodies have been racked by years of drug or alcohol addiction. Teddy relayed his story on Longecity:


Ryan Michael Ballow here. notes that 300–500 micrograms of it produced a sublime Nootropic effect, spiked his libido, and enhanced sleep quality.

BPC-157 Protocol: Dosage and Usage Guide

BPC-157 is a very special biohack but you need to treat it with the respect it deserves…

  • There is no universal protocol usage protocol that comes from human research or manufacturers’ recommendations, you need to do some reading, figure out what works for others and then meticulously record your dosage and the results.
  • The peptides themselves are fragile. If you drop the little bottle on the floor or leave it sitting out on a countertop next to a window in the sunlight the peptides may be damaged.
  • A lot of the BPC-157 that you can find for sale online is sourced from dodgy Chinese manufacturers that product bunk stuff. You need to check COAs before pressing the buy button to make sure you’re getting pure stuff.


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Dosage and Cycling

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  1. Week Two — Double the proportional dosage and see how you tolerate it. Does it make much of a difference?
  2. Week Three — Increase to a high-end dose, as much as 500 micrograms daily (or however much you can reasonably afford). Does the high-end dosage make a difference?
  3. Week Four — Go off it. Take a week break

Mixing the BPC-157 Solution

Many places around the internet you can buy BPC-157 pre-mixed with bacteriostatic water, I think that’s the best option and it’s very affordable, but you can also purchase the raw powdered peptides in which case you need to mix it yourself with bacteriostatic water.

Oral Dosing

You can take it orally, but many biohackers question whether that will do any good. I reviewed almost every anecdotal report I could find on the internet from BPC-157 users and there’s a stark absence of discussion of it working orally which doesn’t exactly align with the results of the animal research. A 2010 study compared oral and injection in animals and it found the effect similar:


To maximize the benefit from BPC-157 you would want to take it along with some supplements that feed you the building blocks for synthesizing new connective tissue such as collagen and fish oil. If you want to take your peptide experimentation to the next level, you can stack it with TB-500, another peptide with rapid healing properties that some world-class athletes use alongside BPC-157 in this dosing protocol…

  • TB-500 2.5 milligrams 2X Weekly

“Not for Human Consumption”

On the different websites offering it, the text…


Biohackers, bodybuilders, and athletes around the internet praise its healing powers…

The Anti-NSAID

From a 2013 paper:

Risk Grade: C+

  • While the amino acids it’s comprised of are natural amino acids, in this peptide, they are chained together in a sequence that does not occur in nature. So this is far from being a natural anti-aging biohack,
  • It’s not patented. This is part of the reason it’s so cheap.
  • Examine.com criticized it because the majority of the research is done by a single Croatian research group at Zagreb University (nearby where I used to go salsa dancing to meet beautiful Croatian girls)
  • It’s been around for a while, the first BPC-157 paper was published back in 1993. I’m of two minds about this, it having been around for a few decades makes it a little more credible than some brand new research chemicals. But, I wonder why it’s never undergone a proper human clinical trial. Apparently, a human clinical trial was pre-registered but never completed (I don’t blame the Croatian researchers for getting a bit distracted from their boring work with all the pretty girls there and the sun-washed, resplendent Dalmation coast beckoning!)
  • With the exception of a few podcasts, most of the people online talking about BPC-157 really seem to not be experts. BPC-157 is state of the art Bro Science, researching it you’ll come across a lot of hyperbolic generalizations: “there are no reports of negative side effects!” and “It heals everything!”

Side Effects

What you hear from a bunch of Bro Science bros on Youtube and elsewhere around the internet is “BPC-157 is SO safe. There are NO cases of bad side effects from it.” Well, I did about 5 minutes of searching the internet and came across a report of side effects. Apparently, in rare cases, it can cause anxiety. One Redditor reported


If you’ve studied history or politics much you know that communism always ruins everything, thus I remain bearish on these kinds of anti-aging peptides and probably won’t try them because almost all the peptides that you find for sale online come from one of the worst communist countries, China. Chinese products and supplements consistently are sloppily made and rife with toxins. Many American websites offer suspiciously cheap “Made in America” peptides but often the only manufacturing step actually done in American is the application of the product’s label! As a rule of thumb, competitively priced peptides originate in China. Unless you see a relatively recent certificate of analysis from an American spectroscopy lab for the batch you’re consuming, don’t mess with it. Now, as a biohacker, I’m a pragmatist, not a purist — I don’t always demand 100% purity because I can’t always afford it or get it. But when it comes to something you’re injecting, you really don’t want to take chances with a crappy Chinese product. When you inject something any toxins, additives, manufacturing byproducts, bacteria, or viruses present bypass your liver, your kidney, and your natural immune defenses. The importance of verifying the purity of injectable peptides cannot be overstated.

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Originally published on LimitlessMindset.com. I’m not a doctor, medical professional, or trained therapist. I’m a researcher and pragmatic biohacking practitioner exercising free speech to share evidence as I find it. I make no claims. Please practice skepticism and rational critical thinking. You should consult a professional about any serious decisions that you might make about your health.

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