Caballo a Novel Smart Drug

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*Warning: May turn you into a James Bond villain.

The Pharmaceutical Grade Nootropic ingredients of Caballo are shown in +73 human studies to Biohack:

Why “Caballo”?

I wanted to name my smart drug something that communicates power and grace, so I named it after the legendarily graceful and powerful beast which has carried humans to build their empires since time immemorial. I choose to use the Spanish word for horse because I was living in Medellín, Colombia when I discovered this potent stack of cognitive enhancers that empowers a spirit of vivacity and zest for life which is quintessentially Latin.
Caballo Pronunciation: Kab-eye-show

The Caballo Story…

I had heard of this mysterious, yet potent stack for a long time, from some of the biohackers in my inner circle. After identifying the highest quality, 3rd party verified pharmaceutical grade individual components and putting them through a thorough quality control process, I’ve created an efficacious smart drug which equals Modafinil.

After 4 years of testing and trying dozens of different Nootropics we are launching our own. The reason I’ve been such a late bloomer as an Entreprenuer and have taken so long to launch a product is that I didn’t want to launch just another $37 or $47 me too product, I wanted to launch a product that would provide an cognitive advantage unmatched by anything else out there on the Nootropics market.


Price $99 for 90/90 supply

When to expect mind power results 30–45 Minutes

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Type of Consumable Pill or Capsule

Nootropic Ingredients

Details Proprietary derivatives of Magnesium and Tyrosine

Half Piracetam

I’ve taken the Caballo stack myself for the past 4 months and while it’s creates a great sensation of pleasantly intense focus similar to Modafinil, I’ve found that if I take two 800 milligram capsules of Piracetam at the same time it adds some body energy (like coffee) and gives me an extra degree of verbal ability. Some I’m going to add Piracetam to Caballo, in fact Piracetam will comprise about half of the Caballo supplement.
Piracetam is going to go in black capsules and the Caballo stack in red capsules. This will allow the biohacker (You!) to self experiment with the amount of Piracetam — the truth about Piracetam is you need to experiment a little bit with the dosage to figure out what works really well for you.
For me, 1000 millligrams Piracetam and 1000 milligrams of the Caballo stack really puts me in the zone, for you it maybe 1:2 proportion, a 1:3 proportion or you may even find that the Piracetam works better for you than Caballo for you, it’s certainly cheaper. In which case you’ll probably stop purchasing Caballo and you’ll start buying Piracetam, which is fine with me. I’m confident enough in the proprietary Caballo stack I’ve created that, I’m not going to hide the proportion of Piracetam it contains.

I already have two profitable businesses, in one I’m compensated very handsomely for my time an hourly basis and in the other I make passive income. Unlike the vast majority of the companies in the industry, my image and real name appear on my website, I face real personal repercussions if my product dosen’t deliver. So I genuinely just want to sell people the smart drugs that will work the best for them.

A Pharmaceutical Grade Stack

A Modafinil Alternative

Checkout the animated version of this infographic or download it

This animated infographic compares Caballo and Modafinil in over 20 different dimensions

This is a pharmaceutical grade product and all the individual ingredients have been 3rd party laboratory verified. See the PDFs below.

Editor’s Review: Modafinilesque

It puts me into a state of pleasantly intense focus, but at the same time an energizing sensation of optimism about the work ahead of one’s self and the challenges presenting themselves. As a Nootropic it’s more of a samurai sword than a warhammer, at the recommended dosage the red pill formula is NOT as energizing as Piracetam. You can drink coffee on it without getting overwhelmed, which an addict of the sweet dark, antioxidizing nectar like myself appreciates. Caballo is actually a pretty sublime social smart drug, the precision and certainty with which I speak and act while on it gives me a lot of confidence. I recently had one of the funnest nights I can remember at a swingers club while on a stack of 2 Caballo’s, Phenibut and a coffee. My second language, Spanish, improves on it which is what I would expect from a quintessential smart drug. I find myself speaking more fluently in a flowing way and ‘being present’ to the conversation as opposed to searching my vocabulary and second guessing my grammar. It doesn’t disturb sleep, the first night I synthesized Caballo I was so excited to try it that I took it around 7PM. Usually doing Nootropics after 5PM is a recipe for poor sleep yet I found that I got sleepy like normal and fell asleep a little after midnight. One thing I really like about Caballo in comparison to Modafinil, is that it doesn’t make me sweaty. I find that with Modafinil and some other smart drugs, I will sweat heavily while dosed, while I’m not doing anything physically exhausting. I’ve always found this a little weird. Another advantage over Modafinil is that it kicks in faster, Modafinil takes sometimes up to 3 hours to take full effect, with Caballo it’s 30–45 minutes. Maybe what I appreciate most about Caballo, is while on it I just do 100% of what I know I should be doing. I don’t check Facebook when I should be working. I don’t look down at my phone every time I get notifications. I don’t aimlessly hop from browser tab to browser tab. I don’t let my mind linger uselessly on the drama in my personal life. I don’t read dumb blog posts when I should be reading Ayn Rand’s books on my Kindle. I don’t make up excuses to not make important calls. I don’t skip my pushups in the morning. I don’t order that yummy sandwich or artisanal pizza, I have the steak salad. I just do the right thing. More than any other smart drug I’ve tried, it’s a self control lifehack. The dosage sweet spot seems to be around 1600–2400 milligrams of the Red Pill formula, I found that if I upped the dosage much from that the ALPHA GPC, would make me drowsy — an infamous effect of ALPHA GPC. In future batches I may experiment with decreasing the Alpha GPC, it’s potent stuff. I took as much as 6.5 grams; this put me into a state of exhaustion actually. I did the alarm clock test with Caballo: Waking up early, dropping a few capsules with a glass of water and going back to bed. It’s not a terribly energizing Nootropic and I found I went back to sleep for about an hour, it didn’t wake me back it up. I took Caballo once in a completely sleep deprived state, I had not slept at all, I arrived home at about 11AM, considered just hitting the sack for some badly needed sleep, but I decided to just try to power through the day, I dropped three Caballo’s and put on a pot of coffee. I worked about 8 hours, on a little less demanding projects, ended up having a surprisingly productive day and went to bed early. I have not yet run into a noticeable tolerance curve, after using it for an extended period of time, up to 6 days a week.

Subtle, yet ever present….. Caballo!

I have been impressed with how subtle, yet omnipresent the Caballo is. Caballo is ideal in the sense that you hardly feel aware of it, but if you do your prep work you will see an unarguable ramp up of your ability to recall, process and utilize information. The subtlety was hard at first for a 6-year long heavy Kratom user! (I DON’T recommend going down THAT road by the way!). Caballo is not for lazy people looking for a quick “dial-in”, but is great for people interested in cultivating improve cognitive enhancement and discipline over time!

Little helpers

I am working as a web-developer for my young start up wich is certainly the biggest challenge i’ve put myself through yet. I need to be really concentrated every day to put together a vision piece by piece, wich obviously can be a pain in the a** sometimes. As chance would have it i got my hands on a sample of the interesting smartdrug-product called “Caballo”.

Normally i wouldn’t consider taking any drugs or mind enhancer to be more focused at work and, withour trying to brag, i eat very clean and work out a lot so my mind is most probably in a pretty good shape ;) But everyone has his bad days as i mentioned, so a few weeks later (while i was having a hard time to stay focused for about 3 days) i decided to try one pill in the morning and see what happens. I must say that focusing was a bit less hard that day, but the effect was really subtle so i decided to give it a new try another day with two pills. Two weeks later i took the two pills in the morning again and went to work. Soon after my first (and only) coffee in the office i fell into my typical concentration routine wich surprisingly lasted the whole day. This time i was pretty sure that the Caballo did it’s work there and gave me the total “in the zone” experience. Even after my lunch, wich is mostly the time i get a bit drowsy, i was still totally focused and able to get my coders groove on. ^^ The last two pills i tried some weeks later and it had the same effect wich was really pleasant as well.

I definitely recommend the Caballo smart drug, altough i think that it (as with all substances) shouldn’t be taken too generously because it might fire back at you and cause loss of sleep wich will inevitably take effect on your concentration. But i think that it’s the perfect substance to carry you over these typical gaps on our way grinding to the top!

My Take on Caballo

I’m 58 years old. I decided in June of 2015 that I wanted to become a full stack web developer. Now, most people my age are retired or thinking of retiring soon, but I want a lucrative career that pays well and I enjoy doing.
I was in desperate need of cognitive capital. I searched and tried various mind enhancing products, some worked a little bit, some worked even less. I found Jonathan’s web site Unlimited Mindset in December. I read about his product Caballo and all the enormous amount of material on his web site about biohacking. Soon after I ordered Caballo. I took a dose about 10am on a Tuesday. I did not feel anything much until late afternoon. I was working on my web site and was having plugin issues. I dove in with both feet and worked on it until around midnight. My wife would call my name, but I was oblivious, so involved in working out solutions and at the same time refining my web site. I did almost 3 times as much as I would normally do. I was amazingly focused, and answers would come to me as if I had ordered them from the universe.
I find the same effect when I’m learning web development, I don’t jump from programming language to programming language, but remain faithful to the language at hand. I retain information very well. I’m like a sponge that absorbs everything I read and do with incredible powers of recall.
Sometimes I find myself entertaining the past. At those times I can recall things that I couldn’t before, such as people’s faces from childhood, things I had learned long ago but presumed I had forgotten them. For example when I was 12 I spent a year in Cali, Colombia, SA. If I hadn’t learned Spanish, then I would not have had any friends. I learned fluent spanish. Before, I would struggle to remember words when conversing in Spanish with others. Now, the fluency is back, I don’t struggle searching for words to use in conversation.
This is the real thing. Finally a Nootropic; a smart drug that really works! I can’t even begin to thank Jonathan enough for his perseverance and finalization of such a wonderful product.

2017 Update: I dunno how you do it, but man — other than DIY that’s best formiula out there. I kept thinking that the black pill was not enough piracetam, but it is plenty; synergistically working with other racetams and non-racetams. Amazing stuff!

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Adventuring philosopher, Pompous pontificator, Writer, K-Selected Biohacker, Tantric husband, Raconteur & Smart Drug Dealer 🇺🇸

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Jonathan Roseland

Jonathan Roseland

Adventuring philosopher, Pompous pontificator, Writer, K-Selected Biohacker, Tantric husband, Raconteur & Smart Drug Dealer 🇺🇸

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