— An App that’s NOT a total waste of time, pixels and data! is a seriously addictive habit formation App and social accountability tool.

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Image for post is like having a coach in your phone: with you every second of your day with motivation, coaching and prompting.

You can use the App on your desktop or your iPhone and begin adding habits that you want to make a consistent part of your life. You can make up your own habits or add ones that others practice. For example:

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  • Exercising consistently
  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Practicing a foreign language
  • Flossing
  • Doing pushups in the morning
  • Meditation with the emWave2
  • Brain training with Dual N-Back
  • Making dinner for your family
  • Having a conversation with a stranger
  • Making a cold call
  • Break out of your shell, socially
  • Or any other habits you can come up

You can schedule alerts and reminders for your habits.

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You ‘checkin’ to habits and whenever you do them it publishes to your public account profile (if you want it to — you can also make them private). You can find and follow your friends to see what habits they are practicing.

What’s really powerful about is the social accountability factor that is built into the App, your friends can support your good habits by giving you ‘props’ (similar to a Facebook like) or ‘commenting’ on your check-ins.

Tracking, a quantified habit is a habituated one. allows you to track and see your consistency with your habits. It is seriously motivational to see graphs and charts of your progress.

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Browsing through testimonials section, you can see that this App has been seriously life-changing for many people! Who have lost 50 or more pounds, started companies, competed in triathlons even transformed from office worker to professional dancer.

Editor’s Review: A Gamechanger for Personal Development has motivated me to consistently practice some habits that I had failed to practice consistently before.

Dual N-Back Training

For years I’d been hearing about the benefits of Dual N-Back training, as a biohacker, one of the most reliable ways to upgrade the RAM of your conscious mind is to consistently train your memory with Dual N-Back software, but it’s so damn boring I just could never get into practicing it consistently… Months would go by in between my Dual N-Back practice sessions! Since I’ve added HighIQPro as a habit to my account I rarely miss a day, in fact at the time of the writing of this review I’m on an 80-day hot streak and just hit a new Dual N-Back high score.

Hour 1: Empire Building

This is the common sense, yet uncommonly practiced entrepreneurial habit of working, without distraction, ON your business (as opposed to IN your business) for the first productive hour of the workday. Like most digital hustlers for the longest time, I knew I should be doing this but would more often than not get distracted checking email and social media first thing in the morning. With the help of I now practice this habit 6 times a week on average.

A few other points of feedback:

  • The Android App is still kind of beta-ish, it is not very sharp compared with the excellent iPhone app. However, has a great mobile website that loads super fast on my Android device. The value I get from the App easily offsets the awkwardness of the Android App.
  • People really enjoy bragging about their healthy habits on social media, should have an option to publish check-ins to Facebook or Twitter.
  • has privacy settings for individual habits. So you can make certain habits invisible to people following you. This is great if you are using for something really personal like overcoming an alcohol or pornography addiction, I definitely wouldn’t want that published on the Internet for everyone and anyone to see! On the other hand, if I wanted to join a support group for my particular issue I would like for the other members of that particular group to be able to see that I was making progress. Hopefully, this level of customization is on the way from the team…

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