Coconut Oil is NOT a Skin Hack

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Watch: Coconut Oil is NOT a Skin Hack — Indigo Herbs’ C60 Biohacker Review

Having used C60 before I had a pretty good idea of what to expect from this stuff so, being a vain biohacker, I elected to instead use it cosmetically. I’d heard around the Longecity forums that C60 has a beautifying effect on our skin, that it heels old scars and eliminates aging wrinkles. Starting in August I rubbed a few drops into my face daily, I did this twice daily for a few months. It’s hard to say if this made much of difference, I’m already a quite healthy, young-looking 34-year-old. I did this with my wife who is the same age and also fetchingly girlish, we both noticed an undesirable effect, surprisingly, using the coconut oil on our lips dried out our lips — both of us noticed that our lips were unpleasantly dry and chapped. Our lips went back to normal when we stopped applying the coconut oil to our lips. I believe this is when due to the coconut oil and not the C60 because come to think about it when I used coconut oil as a lip balm in the past, I had to apply it often as my lips would get dried out. Using a different organic lip balm I don’t have such frequently dry lips.

Over the past few months, I’ve mysteriously developed some skin eczema, I have three persistent skin rashes on the back of my neck and on the insides of my biceps just above my inner elbows. For several weeks, I applied the Coconut Oil C60 to these rashes which was soothing and alleviated the itchiness but the skin rashes persisted and perhaps got a little worse. Researching the skin eczema issue further I was surprised to learn that (contrary to what you’ll read on a bunch blogs online) coconut oil is often bad for skin — it may exacerbate eczema, olive oil is actually better according to podcaster Jennifer Fugo of The Healthy Skin Show. Apparently, the issue with coconut oil is that it’s such an effective antimicrobial that it kills off the natural skin microbiome causing skin inflammation. In the future, I’d like to try olive oil C60 solution on my skin and see if it produces better results.

The bottle sat in my Biohacker cabinet for a few months and then I decided to use it orally, but I think that the coconut oil has gone bad. It now has an unpleasant taste. I first got it back in August of 2019, so apparently this product goes bad in just about 6-months, don’t leave it sitting around! Also, the pipette top broke, so I’m just going to throw it away. Which is a little disappointing because I did some research on C60 as an immune hack, to quote from my article Empower Super Immunity with C60 the Super Antioxidant:

There are three ways that C60 helps the immune system…
Stimulates stem cell growth — Our immune system needs a constant supply of virile, young cells. You can imagine just how well an army comprised of elderly soldiers with achy knees would fight in a war, the army needs fresh recruits and that’s just what the stem cells become. Via its mitochondrial mechanism, C60 empowers and increases the pool of available stem cells.
Reduces oxidative radicals, these “free radicals” cause the rusting of your cells, in the same way that metal left outside rusts or old bread goes bad. The oxidation causes immune inflammation, rendering the immune system less effective. Viruses also cause your cells to explode, spreading even more troublemaking free radicals throughout your body.
Regulates down inflammatory cytokines — Cytokines are the fire alarms of the immune system. You’re probably aware that the stress response can be your friend, sometimes we need a jolt of cortisol and adrenalin, but chronic stress causes all sorts of problems. The immune system is similar, immune inflammation can result in a cytokine storm, a phrase that we now all know and fear thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic. A cytokine storm causes the body to turn on itself, sometimes fatally. C60 has the capacity to quiet the cytokine storm.

I’d love to continue using C60, it’s a powerful anti-aging molecule but not with this product. Usually, I’m pretty impressed with Indigo Herbs’ products, but I don’t think I’d recommend this C60 in coconut oil. The landmark study that really put C60 on the anti-aging map used pure olive oil, not coconut oil, that’s the way I’ll use it.

For European Biohackers, Indigo Herbs in the UK offers C60 fullerenes, the longevity gamechanger, in pure Olive or Coconut oil.

  • High Purity, 99.95% Pulverised Carbon 60 Fullerenes Suspended in LCT (Long Chain Triglycerides) Olive Oil or MCT Coconut Oil
  • 80mg of C60 per 100ml
  • Solvent Free
  • For Research Purposes Only
  • Super Antioxidant — Protects Against Free Radical Damage
  • Also Known As Buckminster Fullerenes or “Buckyballs”
  • Packaged in a pharmacopeial grade brown glass bottle with dropper
  • Suitable for Vegetarians and Vegans
  • Do not freeze or heat — keep away from light


Carbon 60 (also known as C60) is a spherical form of carbon comprising of 60 atoms. It was discovered in 1985 by a group of scientists, principally; Harry Kroto, Richard Smalley and Bob Curl who all went on to win the Nobel Prize in 1996 for their discovery. It was named by the trio a “Buckminster Fullerene” or “Buckyball”, after Buckminster Fuller who designed many geodesic dome structures that resemble the molecule. Over 25 years later in 2012, a now famous research study by T Baati et al found that C60 molecules suspended in Olive Oil prolonged the lives of the rats used in the study by 90%. At Indigo Herbs we are delighted to have sourced exceptionally high quality, completely solvent free Carbon 60, suspended in either Olive Oil or Coconut Oil.

What people are saying about Indigo Herbs’ C60

Alison Craig

I have only been taking for two weeks so unable to comment on efficacy. Quick delivery with secure packaging.

Jon Blackie

Received this quickly and Customer Service was faultless. Cheaper than my previous source and available in Olive Oil which I prefer rather than avocado oil. Time will tell how effective it is. If it works as well as my previous then I would have no hesitation in re-ordering!

Noel Harrison

Excellent product…

Adventuring philosopher, Pompous pontificator, Writer, K-Selected Biohacker, Tantric husband, Raconteur & Smart Drug Dealer 🇺🇸

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