Coffee in a Capsule

This is my favorite morning stack right now…

This is one of the most efficacious and popular stacks amongst biohackers: Caffeine & L-Theanine.
Caffeine provides the motivation
L-Theanine provides the inspiration
Theobromine which is supposed to be a vigilance agent

One of my foundational habits, is what I call Hour 1: Empire Building, which means that I spend the first working hour of every day working undistracted on a creative project that’s going to result in me accomplishing my long term goals. For me that usually means spending the first hour of the day writing, which this stack is very conducive too.

Here’s some of the stuff I produced on it…

Not bad right?

  • This stack accomplishes basically the same thing as the coffee, green tea & L-Theanine stack I’ve been taking for a long time.
  • If you are the kind of person that doesn’t have time to make coffee, tea and portion out the powdered L-Theanine in the mornings then this supplement in a great option.
  • It kicks in pretty quickly in about 15–20 minutes.
  • This stack is a good coffee alternative if you need something to pep yourself up.
  • I felt like I got pretty addicted to coffee when I was living in Colombia and when I moved back to the states the coffee was no where as good so I decided to take a little hiatus from coffee and taking this stack certainly made that easier.

This formula offers focus and concentration because of the nootropic ingredients: l-theanine, theobromine, and caffeine

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  • Caffeine: Cognitive/memory enhancement (reference)(ref)
  • Caffeine: May reduce risk of Parkinson’s disease (ref)
  • Caffeine + L-theanine: Reduce tiredness and susceptibility to distractions, Improves alertness and performance on cognitive tasks (ref)(ref)
  • L-theanine: improves mental alertness, and is shown to reduce stress levels (ref)(ref)L-theanine: recognized as safe by FDA (ref)
  • Theobromine + Caffeine: Thought to provide synergistic effect to reduce increased blood pressure related to caffeine (ref)

Learn more about Caffeine as a Nootropic…

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