COLURACETAM: The $16,000 Antidepressant

This Japanese-developed Racetam is one of the latest Nootropics to be inspired by Piracetam.

Watch: Coluracetam the $16,000 Lucidifying Smart Drug [1]

A Novel Racetam

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Medical Studies

“…Neurogenesis is an exciting new field that is demonstrating potential in many different CNS diseases including depression and anxiety…”

Mechanisms of Action

User Reported Benefits

User Reviews

My biohacker review of Coluracetam

Watch: Coluracetam Review: A quintessential antidepressant

The Unusual Path from Test Substance to the Latest Nootropic

Pricing and Sources

So is it worth it?

“Without a doubt, COLURACETAM’s pharmacological effects appear to be significantly more potent, profound and widespread than all the other RACETAMS.”


Enhanced Perception

Recreational Self-Experimentation



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Recommended Daily


Side Effects

Final Thoughts…

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