Crypto Contest

Entrepreneurs, freelancers, and ahead-of-the-curve marketers, we’d love to reward you for joining MarketplaceGOLD, advertising your offerings here, and listing the cryptocurrencies you accept!

More about the Minds Token

The Minds’ Tokens is an Etheruem-Based ERC20 token, 100 are worth about $116 or 100,000 views of your posts and content on the most popular pro-free-speech social network, And I’ll send you 2 tokens just for registering and adding a listing a

Steps to win the 100 Minds Tokens…

1. Add your business, product, or offering to MarketplaceGOLD

It’s free and takes just about 5 minutes to add.

2. Accept cryptocurrency and “digital gold”

On your listing indicate that you accept at least one type of cryptocurrency (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, etc) and one type of digital gold (I recommend the gold-backed cryptocurrency Aurus)

If you’re wondering which cryptos you should accept, cryptocurrency payment processing, or how to pay your bills with crypto — no worries! All that is addressed succinctly in the first email you’ll receive when you

3. Join the Crypto-Biz email newsletter

This email newsletter, sent infrequently, will save you time with some useful resources for crypto-friendly businesses, organizations, and freelancers. I’ll also share tips for marketing yourself to the crypto-currency community and keep you on the cutting-edge of the blockchain-powered economic revolution.

4. Share your listing on social media

To let folks know that you now accept cryptocurrency. Tag MarketplaceGOLD here on Facebook or Twitter.

5. Subscribe to our Youtube channel

Please watch at least one video and leave a comment or upvote.

6. Subscribe to our podcast on iTunes, listen to an episode, and leave a review

Download at least one episode and leave a rating and review comment on iTunes.

7. Follow Jonathan Roseland on Minds or Gab

Watch: is a Social Network for Smart People!

A winner will be selected on March 6th, 2021. I’ll send you 2 tokens (worth 2,000 views) just for adding a listing to MarketplaceGOLD.

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