Dating & marrying exotic foreign women — is it for you?

If you’re not just Google images search Colombian girls, Ukrainian girls, or Thai girls and you will be! The stereotype is that foreign women are more beautiful, skinny, pleasant, family-minded, and dutiful than modern women in “first world” countries making them Grade-A wife or girlfriend material. Having spent 8-years living abroad, traveling to over 20 different countries I can confirm that this stereotype is pretty accurate.

In my new book, Don’t Stick Your D!&k in a Blender, I have a chapter that exhaustively addresses the topic of Dating and Marrying Exotic Foreign Women. Finding and marrying a feminine, family-minded girl in a poorer country is not just a pipe-dream fantasy to sell you tickets, it’s what I did and I regard it as the best decision of my life. Nothing has made me happier in a deep, meaningful way than being married to a real woman!

But, dating abroad not for everybody. In fact, most men who try their hands at it totally strike out abroad, wasting thousands of dollars and tons of time. The chapter address the important question…

Will dating abroad pay off for you?

Dating abroad is costly. Flights, accommodation, and the myriad travel expenses will add up to at least $1000 for an international skirt-chasing mission. In addition to the time you have to spend in another country; it’s going to take weeks if not months to find love under foreign stars. The best indicator of whether this is going to pay off is how well you are doing with the ladies where you live now. If your love life is a barren desert at the moment it’s unrealistic to expect that it’s going to bloom into an abundant oasis just because you took a plane ride.
If it’s been years or months since you’ve been on a real date or gotten laid, then dating abroad is not the panacea that will cure your chronic case of scarcity. Before you spend thousands of dollars on flights or the hundreds of hours it will take you to reach basic competence in Spanish, Portuguese or Russian I urge you to make an effort to do a bit of dating where you are now. This might mean that you go on some dates with some women that you’re totally disinterested in — purple-haired feminists, tattooed single mothers, or frumpy Mexican mamacitas — don’t sleep with them! These women will serve as training wheels for the exotic women you want to ride. Your goal in dating them should merely be to offend them. Once you get them out on some semblance of a date, just try to have fun messing with them; disagree with them on everything. This will imbue you with a cavalier playful energy and will pay off when it comes time to date the kind of women that really excite you.

You might ask…

Why would you travel to another country if your dating life is ok where you’re from?

If you are dateable, you can often upgrade the quality of women you can get by visiting a country that is poorer or a culture with more deeply held traditional gender roles. You want to visit someplace where you find the average young lady attractive. There are certainly beautiful women in Denver, Frankfurt, or Liverpool who you would love to date, just Google images search Miss [Your City] 2019, but they are a smaller minority, and frankly, probably out of your league.
In a hyper-competitive, liberal, major “first world” city the really sexy women are going to be dating the top 5% guys; the pro-athletes, the local pseudo-celebrities, the successful businessmen, and of course the strip club DJs. Thanks to the deregulation of the sexual marketplace, these top 5% guys will actually be hoarding these women in soft-harems, making them unavailable to the more average of Joes. The average Janes will often be frumpier, unkempt, and generally girls who you would not be real proud to introduce to your friends and family.
Whereas, in many less developed places that might be described as illiberal, the average young lady will be more attractive and more apt to date men who they have some hope of a meaningful future relationship with instead of just regarding dating as a recreational activity. In cultures where women trade sex for commitment (instead of three strong vodka cocktails), you’ll have a whole lot easier time getting a girlfriend.

In the chapter, Dating and Marrying Exotic Foreign Women, we’re going to take a sober look at the option of dating and marrying a foreign woman, we’ll get into the pragmatic approach and strategies for doing so that won’t waste a bunch of your time and money. And I’ll expose all the downsides and negatives to pursuing and having a multicultural relationship. There are some significant risks and issues; every year thousands of men buy tickets to Ukraine, Thailand, or Colombia with the hope of finding love and many of them fail, many of them never even get laid, and many of them end up getting screwed in a myriad of ways because of their naivete. I don’t want you to be one of them…

Please Pre-Order the book today

Here on for $8.99. You’ll receive an immediate download of five chapters

The Inevitable Uncondoming
How to Meet a Nice Girl in the COVID-19 Era
Dating and Marrying Exotic Foreign Women
Seducing a Virgin
The Siren Song of Online Dating

The audiobook version of the book ($16 value) when it’s produced. The book will be officially launched in 60 days, so expect the audiobook in mid-august.

And you’ll also get access to a private accountability community, The League of Limitless Gentlemen on, where you’ll be able to get feedback and encouragement from me and other likeminded guys.


Jonathan Roseland




Adventuring philosopher, Pompous pontificator, Writer, K-Selected Biohacker, Tantric husband, Raconteur & Smart Drug Dealer 🇺🇸

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Jonathan Roseland

Jonathan Roseland

Adventuring philosopher, Pompous pontificator, Writer, K-Selected Biohacker, Tantric husband, Raconteur & Smart Drug Dealer 🇺🇸

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