I’ll be answering some of the December Biohacking and lifehacking questions in the Q&A podcast below.


“Antigravity” has been used and hidden from the public since the 1950’s or so. And there’s a secret space program and various human colonies in the solar system. Similar story in the medical field, I guess. But it’s slowly coming to the public now. Check out Liz Parrish.

Can this reset my brain in terms of trying to control the urge to masturbate? Weird question but I seriously want to stop. Yes/No?
Thank god you have answered. Since we are talking about a serious topic, I will be fully honest. I am 19 years old and I have struggled since I was 16–17. On a daily basis, I would masturbate once or twice. In the extreme, it would be thrice. When I am busy doing something, the urge disappears. I am having my winter holidays and I am all alone. I suffer from anxiety/depression. I try and refocus my sexual energy into something productive but until now I am stuck. I have tried going to the GYM for example but then I get stuck.
Also, I am a Muslim. In a month, like Ramadan. I must fast but masturbating does break it. So, a whole month with me not masturbating is the best thing ever for me. Plus, one way of diverting my sexual urges is through prayer. That can be really helpful but I do procrastinate on that.


I agree, but to ascend to a better “scientific understanding” we must first have a better universal culture, to have a better universal culture we must first have a better society, in order to have a better society, we must first be better educated psychologically for the purpose of making one a better healthier parent to develop healthier children and go from there. As a mountain is build from atomic stuff, so too humanity can be great by having healthy children as it’s foundation.

Can i combine rhodiola rosea with a ssri like lexapro?

Ancedotal reports


Hey Jonathan what do u do for muscle spasms? It seems that every good nootropic or smart drug I take causes this side effect…

From Longecity
Piracetam increases synaptic calcium influx if I’m not wrong, this could cause a central hyperexcitability and a magnesium/potassium deficiency so that should resolve with proper supplementation.

What would you say is the best bio hack for a aging 70 year old man who is just getting older and you want to keep him sharp?


I have a quick question that you’d be the most qualified person I know to answer.
I’m getting into health tracking and personal data gathering — and doing machine learning (statistical analysis) for looking for personal trends and analysis.
I’ve got most of the data sources I need, and the last piece of the puzzle is an app that allows me to enter supplements, enhancers, etc. with the dose and time of day. And then allows me to export that data into Excel.
Do you know of an iPhone app that would support that?


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