December Biohacking Q&A

I’ll be answering some of the December Biohacking and lifehacking questions in the Q&A podcast below.

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What you find on this website is NOT medical advice. I’m not a doctor. I’m just an experienced unlicensed self experimenter practicing free speech in talking about my own extensive experiences and my interpretations of published science. Please see my guide on How to Biohack Smart and Safe. You should consult a doctor about any biohacking you’re doing and ideally also get a second opinion.

I got married! Why…


I must confess that I don’t really understand what drives people to announce themselves publicly and reveal their lives to the world. I know that sometimes when a person lacks confidence in themselves or has low self esteem they might seek confirmation and support or some kind of justification or recognition for how they are, but when an apparently confident ‘self-made’ person projects themselves openly I really do not know what to make of it.


Howzit? Well I hope my friend in consciousness.. Aeon is my name and I really just wanted to ask you this… have you ever tried or reviewed a product called Skywalk? I ask because I have been thwarted by customs in every attempt to purchase nootropics in Oz (Australia. See!? How much time We waste here on this island abbreviating things then explaining them anyway! Well just to explain since you didn’t ask and in all likelihood don’t actually even care anyway but I am a disabled (in body only) pensioner who has nothing but time unlike such a busy guy as yourself) they withhold all my packages (9 in total!) and I saw and purchased Skywalk immediately upon deducing it’s purpose instore and have found it helpful… I will attach a photo of the ingredients panel plus the labelling so you might better understand and be able to assist. Pls don’t feel obliged I just felt you were the person best qualified to help amongst all the people whose contact info I have, who have not yet blocked me in some fashion! Love your work Buddy and sincerely hope your day is just Awesome!


Will [Piracetam} benefit Traumatic Brain Injury to the frontal lobe from a car accident?

I listened to your “whole” review about Semax.
You didn’t bore me for a minute and love your dark humor. lol
Thanx for al the detailed info. My question is
Can you dilute the 1 % Semax with water (cleaned) to make a 0.1% solution?
Let’s say dilute it into a nose spray bottle so you can vaporize it in your nostrils.
Can you advise me on that?


  • Use Bacteriostatic water

How about using grapeseed oil for frying or coconut oil? Does that make the difference?

Hey what do you think of inisitol for the treatment of bipolar 1 depression? Also what about Adrafinil in the treatment of DEPRESSION fatigue in IDIOTPATHIC HYPERSOMNIA and DP/dr disorder? BTW i dont take that buspbar anymore lol u answered a question way back that i asked you about it on a podcast i doubt u remember



Any advice to come faster? Thats my problem actually 😄


Will piracetam increase sex drive?

How much they pay you for advertising their product [phenibut]

See my frank biohacker reviews of Nootropics

Hey Hope all is well…What Nootropic you think would probably work well for Focus and communication? I tend to have alot of problems with these two since I’m a very anxious person. Especially when it comes to going for an interview. I know about phenibut but I’m looking for something else that might work better.


bro i just ordered adrafinil online, do you think it would help my cope up with the increasing demands of medical college? and does adrafinil differ from modafinil at any aspect other than the time to kick in?


Interesting, btw i wanted to ask you what supplement do you recommend as an MAOIs or something that works like selegiline that inhibits MAO-B but at higher doses it also gets MAO-A i want something that is hybrid or that can be combined to have similar effects like selegiline?


Those who say: “Why would God allow bad things to happen to good people?” don’t understand stoic philosophy and hormetics. Bad things make us stronger and help us progress faster. Why would God rob you of a growing event? If God didn’t allow anything bad to happen to you then it would be harder for you to progress or you wouldn’t progress at all. Which is the definition of being damned. I tend to believe what James Allen basically said in Path of Prosperity.

Evil is just an opinion based on ignorance. Everything is good. What you call evil is just a blessing and an opportunity to learn and progress. Nothing that happens to you in this life matters. What you do or don’t do in this life doesn’t matter.

The lessons you learn are all that matters. Which fits in very well with simulation theory. Ones opinion of God is a reflection of ones mentality. This is apparent in the old testament.

The legalese and constantly asking God to kill their enemies tells me that the authors are evil and are laying the framework for progression. The New Testament builds upon that and lays the framework for a higher law but you can still see the low mentality of the authors. Other books build upon the lower laws/concepts in the new testament. Belief in any higher power is not necessary. But if properly used can help you to keep things in context.

Listen to…

Skin in the Game biohacking consulting/coaching

As mentioned in the podcast, this is a very lean biohacking consulting/life coaching program. Here’s how this would work…

  • The Biohacking Consultation is 1 hour and 45 minutes total — which is actually two consulting calls.
  • First Call 1 hour — Discovery & Strategizing call, I need to ask you some questions, we’ll discuss your history and outline a biohacking strategy and action plan to overcome your issues.
  • Second Call 45 minutes — Follow up call in 30 or 60 days to see how you’re doing with the plan we outlined; how you’ve improved, what you’re struggling with, etc

There’s a few important reasons we split the time up into two calls

  • It’s a significant motivation hack for you to follow through on the biohacking habits and plan we’ll outline because you’re accountable to me in 30 or 60 days.
  • I’m incentivized to come up with a really effective biohacking strategy for you because I have to talk to you after you’ve been following it for a month or two.
  • It timeboxes us with a deadline in 30 or 60 days for you to make improvements and accomplish your goals.

Your Skin in the game here that you’re paying good money for this and you’re accountable to me on another call in 30 or 60 days. You’ll have to explain your lack of action if you fail to follow through.
My Skin in the game here is that I’ll offer a 60 day money back guarantee on this life coaching. If my coaching and action plan really fails you can have your money back. For this reason I don’t accept everyone as a client.

PLEASE fill out this form
Take a few minutes to answer a few questions, if your issues are really far outside my areas of expertise I’ll decline the consultation. My time is finite and very valuable so I only want to spend it consulting the people I can really help. Thanks in advance for your understanding!

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