Delusions of grandeur and grandiloquence

CALL ME OSCAR Progresso.

Or, for that matter, call me anything you want, as Oscar Progresso is not my name. Nor are Baby Supine, Euclid Cherry, Franklyn Nuts, or any of the other aliases that, now and then over the years, I have been forced to adopt. No one knows my real name anymore: (p. 1)

This book has influenced me

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Making me a staunch individualist, nonconformist, and rule-breaker…

It features strikingly beautifully writing…

On War

On being a fighter pilot

The case against coffee

On Capitalism

On his job as a banker with Stillman and Chase, a fictional monolithic institution of high finance in Manhattan

“Oskar” is ultimately an unprincipled man at war with himself

For example, on his defining decision to become a bank robber

The baffling final paragraph

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