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Listen to podcast: Downloadable “scream cream” & other biohacks for horny cosmonauts 🎙️ June Limitless Q&A #36

In this Q&A podcast, we “spacewalk” on the wet and wild side, opining on seven different questions from you, our relentlessly curious listeners.

Included are two illuminating chats I did with two new biohackers in the Limitless Mindset Secret Society. Listen to the full Q&A podcast on the go (even in zero gravity) with Castbox, here


What you find on this website is NOT medical advice. I’m not a doctor. I’m just an experienced unlicensed self-experimenter practicing free speech in talking about my own extensive experiences and my interpretations of published science. Please see my guide on How to Biohack Smart and Safe. You should consult a doctor about any biohacking you’re doing and ideally, also get a second opinion.

#36 Questions


Asking about Phenibut




My favorite stacks: TAO Ultra Nootropic, QUANTUMiND, and the Piracetam Protocol along with Ignite and Max Focus from NeuroActive in Europe

New York Times interview of cosmonaut Aleksandr Serebrov


Can you please put a comment section at the end of your articles? I think you will find that people might give you interesting ideas. I wanted to leave a skin hack. You can use ozonated oil to firm your skin as a cheap alternative.
I live in Brazil, so I buy my ozone oil from a company called Oleozon. They use ozone mixed with sunflower oil.
Sunflower absorbs more ozone than all the other oils therefore it is more effective.
You can also use it on hemorrhoids to firm and shrink swollen veins.


Oleozon study on treating nail fungus

The best beauty biohacks for the skin: Collagen and red light therapy


Piracetam, according to WebMD (I haven’t checked out other sources just yet) “When taken by mouth: Piracetam is POSSIBLY SAFE when taken appropriately. Some people who take piracetam have had nausea, vomiting, weight gain, nervousness, and sleep changes.” Any thoughts/observations on that?


There is a paradox in cold calling where the whole interaction is influenced by “do unto others” guilt. On one hand most people with a soul feel bad about making a cold call because they hate it when a telemarketer does that to them. On the other hand a lot of people won’t hang up on a telemarketer because they feel that it’s rude and wouldn’t want someone hanging up on them. The telemarketer needs to get someone with a weak will (or with their guard down) so that they can be made enthusiastic and less cautious. I think there is an art to saying no to a telemarketer because it’s like saying no to a persistent kid.

Responding to High-Leverage Skill Set Acquisition


Each person is an individual and their problems are unique to them. Mainstream medicine has taught people that there is a one size fits all treatment which isn’t true and the only way to study any treatment is to actually listen to the individual and not just brush off what they say as “anecdotal evidence”. What about the physical health of people in these studies? Someone on a healthy diet who exercises and makes sure they have adequate levels of DHA and nutrients like magnesium are going to do better. People with learning disabilities and those who have had chemo therapy will also respond differently to people who just want to boost their brain capacity.

Responding to Skeptical of Brain Games or IQ Training Apps?


I’m an American who had been in a relationship with my now Ex-Fiancé, who is Ukrainian, for about 2&1/2 years. About 2 times in the past year I’ve had the luxury of saving up and being able to visit her there and spend time with her. Once for a week, another for a month and a half as an anniversary present. We had made plans to move in together before the war started, we were hashing out the best place we thought of in Europe. We decided Amsterdam was the best choice for us both.
I had gone ahead and for the past 9 months had been applying regularly daily for different jobs to move there.
Fast forward to the war starting. Immediately I sprung into action and called my brother in the military to ask what my best options were, as well as reaching out to several immigration lawyers to see if we could get her here and we would get happily married.
We had previously told immigration lawyers we were ready to take the next step, but the visa process was so long, and they didn’t enact the ability for Ukrainians to come with sponsorships yet.
The best option at the time was stressful and intense, but it was to get her out of Ukraine and into Poland. I purchased an Airbnb for an indefinite amount of time there. Once she was there she wanted to go somewhere less close to the war. So I thought okay, I want her to get her mind off the craziness and so I purchased her way and stay through Milan, Italy for 4 weeks. Additionally, we then chose to move her to our would-be final location, Amsterdam.
The moment she got there she would barely ever message me and would be very blunt and never share anymore. Immediately I knew something was up but I figured I’ll ask and make sure everything was okay. She said yes, just stressed trying to settle in. So I thought not too much of it until another week came around and she was still not communicating with me.
This had me worried…
After about 2 weeks of her being there, I told her I needed to talk to her on the phone.
That conversation was hell. She pretty much said she didn’t love me anymore, and that if I wanted to blame it on anything, I could blame it on the long distance. I was devastated, I still contemplate you know what to this day. I went to visit my brother for a bit to clear my mind.
About 2 weeks pass and it was my birthday! I had a very sad birthday, and she barely spoke one word to me that day. The next thing that happened is where I drew the line.
She was posting with another guy already, on Instagram. The day after my Birthday. It was the worst day of my life.
This ran me down a myriad of mental duress instantaneously, I didn’t want to live, I didn’t even want to breathe anymore, I wanted the nothingness. I thought “I’m not good enough”, “did she really ever love me?”, “she used me and my family.” I have a therapist and psychologist I talk to to help me out of these daily pits of despair. I’m still battling with my demons…
Something to note is that I checked myself in the last 3 months for STIs after I got back from her, and I was clear. I was worried because about a year previously, she had told me that she did a test and came back positive for an STI, I was shocked. I immediately apologized for some reason? I thought it was my fault? I had been in a relationship previously where the girl gave me something and lied about it to me for months and then I had to go to a doctor and get medication, so I know I’m clear. My only reasonable deduction is she had to have been cheating on me.
To this day I blocked her and haven’t messaged her since the last one I said. It pertained to something along the lines of “you used me” and “you never truly loved me” along with “I hope you enjoy your time in the city we planned our future in together.”
To this day, she used me for over $10,000 to get herself into my favorite city, where we planned our future life, and kids together. And then immediately tossed me out like trash and has a new guy already.
I can’t help but think that I did not try hard enough to keep my relationship…


Read the chapter Dating and Marrying Exotic Foreign Women from my book, Don’t Stick Your Dick in a Blender: How to meet a nice girl instead — from a tantric husband with a better sex life than you!


Mention in Callum’s Biohacking Consultation

Podcast: Vanquishing Lyme Disease with Nootropics [Errol Greene Interview]

Anthony DiClementi: Lyme Disease Myths Busted and The Roadmap Back to Life

The IC Pad and Hummer from Infopathy

HMB IC for gym performance

Psilocybin IC for mindfulness

Happy Water or Phenibut ICs as alcohol alternatives

Gamma audible IC or BrainFM for concentration

MK-677 (available as an infoceutical)

Interview: “IF it’s real it’s the most disruptive medicinal technology of this century…” 🎙️ Anton Fedorenko Interview

Mentioned in John’s Biohacking Consultation

John’s Focus Booster IC and Piracetam Protocol ICs for Nootropic effect

Scream Cream for her pleasure (available as an infoceutical)

Fascia Pain IC for eye strain

My Biohacker review: ESS60 is next-level C60…

For stimulating creative writing: Nicotine and Phenylalanine

Anki app vs SuperMemo, and Dual N-Back for language learning

My favorite fiction book: Memoir from Antproof Case

My favorite podcasts: Let’s Read and Freedomain with Stefan Molyneux

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This is, I dare say, a place for a more elite caliber of online discourse about everything biohacking and lifehacking. Everyone in the Secret Society is vetted by me personally in a 30-minute call, thus it’s a respectful online space. It’s like a posh gentleman’s club (in the original sense of the phrase — NOT a strip club), not just anybody can waltz in, so those in the club will take you seriously when you’re ushered in. Before the vetting call, you’ll need to spend at least a hundred dollars with some of these recommended vendors of credible biohacking products and Nootropics via the links on my website. There’s no other way to get into the Secret Society so don’t bother asking.

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