Eleuthero — an Herb for the Winter

Biohacker Review: Siberian Ginseng will bring out the Genghis Khan in you!

This is my review of Eleuthero by Superman Herbs which is now called Lost Empire Herbs, which is actually a rebranding that I dislike — I’ve explain why later.


I’ve been using Eleuthero (often referred to as Siberian Ginseng) which is a performance enhancing herb for a little over a year now; this 100 gram package has lasted me that long. Which is pretty impressive, that’s a lot of herbal performance enhancement millage from a supplement that costs about $40.

You’re going to want to checkout my meta analysis of Eleuthero; where I go into the significant body of research supporting this herb, the medicinal tradition and the interesting recent history of its use. This review is mostly just about my own thoughts after gaining a meaningful amount of experience with it.

I highly recommend that you get Eleuthero in its powdered form as opposed to in capsules because it really is better to take it as a tea. I’ve discovered that pretty consistently if you take Adaptogenic herbal Nootropics as tea that their experiential effects are much more noticeable. Perhaps the hot water, makes the nutrients more absorbed by the intestines, perhaps it opens up the pores in the mouth and throat which allow the Nootropic to be absorbed more directly in the bloodstream. I’m really not exactly sure what the pharmacology of this is but you’ll enjoy using your herbal Nootropics quite a bit more if you take them as a tea.
Its taste is described as sweet, earthy and slightly bitter.

Herbal adaptogens like Eleuthero are quite different as Nootropics than say the Racetams. With the Racetams, there’s a pretty universal standard.
This is not the case with herbs, there’s a big quality difference, which is why you will want to checkout lab results that Lost Empire Herbs provides
Certificate of Analysis
Heavy Metals and Mineral Reports
Microbiological Report

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One of most well documented effects of Eleuthero is it’s strengthening or tonifying of the immune system. I certainly experienced this.
Since I’ve been using Eleuthero I’ve been living and traveling in some countries that are best described as dodgy; I’ve no doubt exposed myself to all sorts of interesting pathogens.
During this time I’ve spent a winter and half (as in 1.5 winters) in Eastern Europe, which gets pretty extreme weather and in this time, with one exception I’ve managed to keep from getting sick. Anytime, I felt myself maybe getting sick I would step up my high dosage of Eluethero for a few days and very consistently would feel back to normal. The one time I did get sick, I really think it was because of the apartment I was staying in. I think there was maybe like a decaying body hidden below the floor that was making me sick. Just kidding, it wasn’t that bad!

I think herbs are kind of a victim of poor branding…

It’s a funny, before I knew about herbs I always kind of thought as them as being like kind of wimpy; you walk by the herb aisle in the vitamin store and you see all these bottles with like flowers on them but then I started researching herbs and herbs are actually like really manly!

  • Herbs raise testosterone.
  • Herbs make you more aggressive, assertive and energetic.
  • Herbs increase your libido and make you a better lover.
  • The Adaptogens in particular make your nervous system more resilient to stress which makes you much more cool under fire — think of a man who remains calm and relaxed when everyone else around him is getting emotional and losing their shit — it’s a quintessential part of the masculine character.
  • Herbs like Eleuthero are also potent athletic enhancers.

Any guy that aspires to true masculinity, should definitely be using herbs. Which is why I disliked them rebranding from Superman Herbs to Lost Empire Herbs, but what really matters is quality control.

Eleuthero is not real hardcore cognitive enhancer like Piracetam, I don’t even know if I’d call it a quintessential smart drug.


I’ve combined it with a bunch of different things…

  • Most notably; with Rhodiola and Schisandra it produces an energizing and mood uplifting effect which in my experience of taking almost 80 different Nootropics is almost totally unequaled.
  • I’ve used it with the Racetams.
  • I’ve used it in combination with Nicotine which had a really nice effect of brightening my mood, giving me a lot of energy and also really firing up my creative cognition.
  • You can take it alone and it’s still certainly beneficial but to really get the maximum bang for your buck you’re going to want to use it in concert with other herbs or Nootropics.

Eleutherococcus senticosus, known as Siberian Ginseng, Eleuthero is a potent Adaptogen.

Similar to ginseng in many respects, Eleuthero earned the name Siberian ginseng, despite the fact that it is an entirely different genus than ginseng although both are of the family Araliaceae. While this name has been around for a long time, more people are beginning to use the actual name in short form, Eleuthero. Another lesser known name, at least in Western countries, is Ciwujiia.

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