“Everything gives you cancer”

There’s this really popular misconception that everything gives you cancer.

Cigarettes give you cancer.
Booze gives you cancer.
Pesticides on the fruits and vegetables give you cancer.
Toxins in your shampoo or soap give you cancer
Cell phone signals and wifi (maybe?) give you cancer.
Stress gives you cancer.
Red meat gives you cancer (maybe?)
BPAs in plastic containers give you cancer.
Mold in your house gives you cancer.
Pollution gives you cancer.
Even the “health” supplements you take (might) contain toxins that give you cancer. Geez!

Eventually you start thinking…

At least that’s how a lot of people think. Unless you’ve really devoted some time to studying health and staying up to date with the research and science, you’ll likely believe that everything gives you cancer.

There’s some truth to this. The truth is that there’s A LOT of toxins in our environment and they will give you cancer. This is why SO many people have cancer. The advice we’ve been hearing Ad nauseam from the gurus and the diet experts is to remove the toxins from your environment.

Which is pretty good advice to if you have like $2000 a month to spend on really good organic food and products, you could probably avoid a lot of these toxins and it really would improve your health and make you feel better.

  • But a lot of those organic products are not actually organic, “organic” is a marketing scam like half the time.
  • Your house might contain toxic mold that you don’t even know about… Or your office. Or your Airbnb rental.
  • If you’re like me you like to eat out at restaurants a couple times a week with friends or family. I have a quiet disciplined diet but who knows what sorts of toxins these restaurants are putting in their foods?
  • If you fly you’re consuming all sorts of nasty toxins that promulgate the passenger cabins of cost cutting airlines.
  • If you travel or commute daily, unless you can afford a fancy late model Mercedes or Lexus with an on-board air filter in the air conditioning, you are breathing a lot of pollution in.
  • Maybe you’re real freedom lovin’ type who likes to go down to the gun range to keep your shooting skills sharp in case of a zombie apocalypses, guess what you have to worry about? Lead toxicity.

Despite your best efforts you’ll still consume a lot of toxins unwittingly and you might still get cancer anyway (like this guy!)

Do you do much international travel for business or pleasure (or both, at the same time)? Well, you can look up the pollution index to make sure you’re not going somewhere with a really egregious polluted environment but perhaps you’re a bit more adventuresome like me…

A couple times a year I’ll take a mini-vacations going salsa dancing in Moldova, lounging at a resort town by the black sea, or hiking a volcano in central Panama.
Who the hell knows what kind of toxins I expose myself to in these sorts of locales. Also, every once in a great while I like get my Winston Churchill on and smoke a Dominican cigar!

I, for one, am NOT going to be going toxin free anytime soon.

Does that mean that it’s just an inevitability that I’m going to get cancer? Not hardly.

Head Strong, an excellent book I’m reading demystified the toxinmania for me.

What people don’t understand is that our bodies are quiet good at dealing with these toxins, thank god, mother nature or evolution that we have systems for getting rid of a lot of these toxins. From the book

Your body requires a lot of energy to detoxify and expel or neutralize these toxins. Anything you can do to increase your cellular energy production, therefore, can also enhance your body’s ability to detox. But given today’s influx of toxins, you can’t get by with the same amount of cellular energy that would have been serviceable a hundred years ago.
Dr. Frank Shallenberger (who discovered and named EOMD) estimates that we actually need 50– 100 percent more energy now than we did a hundred years ago to get rid of all of the toxins that are inside our bodies, slowing down our energy production and making us weak.
(p. 37)

So instead of trying to live like monk and avoid all toxins at all costs, a much more pragmatic approach is to minimize toxins as much as you reasonable can but really focus on Biohacking to optimize mitochondrial function to double cellular energy production.

So you’re thinking…

Well, that’s what the book is about! And I’m not finished reading it yet.
One thing that I know from 5 years research that definitely helps mitochondrial function is (surprise, surprise) using certain Nootropics (A playlist of my videos about Mitochondria promoting Nootropics).

Two of the main organs that purge toxins are the kidney and liver, which is why I recommend performance enhancing Adaptoenic herbs so highly. There’s excellent evidence that they repair and maintain the function of these vital organs.

If this Mitochondrial strategy makes way more sense than being really OCD and paranoid about toxins all the time you might want want to read this book along with me.

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