24 Practical Examples of Frame Control

In every social interaction, one person is more reactive than the other to the words and actions of the person they are communicating with.

Ignoring Intentionally

Two children and a ball

The Trial of Hank Rearden

Own the Fun Frame with silly dancing

A man hits on a provocatively dressed woman in the street

Hitler vs Director of the SA

In a social situation, the person you are talking to says “I need to go”…

Accuse them of being difficult in a trivial way

Appeal to their 3rd party credibility

The old you would have!

Assumption stacking

Defeat a debate pivot by putting in earphones

Reframe someone’s ultimatum as a threat

Suggest a Language Barrier

Emotional Push-Pull Scenario Game

Take away someone’s frame after they win a debate

Refuse questions. Describe fantasies

Explain your jokes

The Reach-in/Elbow Tap Interruption

Convince those in power with novel information

The Salsa pickup

Calling out the awkwardness

Oskar Schindler negotiating with the Nazi

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