Excelerol is an Energizing Nootropic Cocktail

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In my quest for a Limitless mind, Excelerol is the highest quality nootropic brain power supplement that I have encountered thus far [Update: It was, I’ve since tried a lot better Nootropics].

The powers of concentration, articulation, and problem-solving ability I have while dosed with this potent mind power cocktail exceeds anything I ever felt on Ritalin or Adderall! The variety of serotonin and dopamine boosting ingredients make me feel extra social, confident and happy.

If you like your mornings to be hyper-productive start your days with 2 Excelerols. The time released Vitamin B12 concentration in the Excelerol keeps me energetic and running at 100% first thing the in morning. Instead of being tired at the end of the day when I go to work out my I can feel a balanced mind-body connection due to the heightened levels of Acetylcholine.

As someone who is very picky about what I put in my body, I did a lot of reading up on various nootropic chemical ingredients and substances out there. What I found is that Excelerol contains the vast majority of the naturally occurring and synthetic nootropic ingredients that science recommends to sustainably boost the three primary neurotransmitters dopamine, serotonin and acetylcholine. If someone wanted to take the individual ingredients as separate supplements they would be popping pills dozens of times daily and spending +$200/monthly.

The pills are liquid gel capsules, my understanding is that liquid gel capsules are a better delivery technology for supplements since the liquid is absorbed better by the large and small intestines.

There’s no denying that Excelerol is one of, if not the most expensive nootropic product on the market. To get the kind of brain power I like I took 3 Excelerols daily. That adds up to almost $100/monthly, which is probably not something that everyone can afford. However, I felt that, like in the movie Limitless, the heightened mental states that this supplement got me into allowed to me recognize, execute and capitalize on a variety of opportunities. I definitely get important things done while on Excelerol! So from that perspective, it was definitely a good investment for me.

Excelerol comes with a cool little digital calendar that reminds you to take the product. This is a clever addition but I didn’t actually use it… My personal preference with Excelerol is dose myself 1–2 hours before I need to be in a peak mental state, this could be doing a sales call with a prospective client, a challenging programming task on one of my websites, getting into a creative state to write or even going on a date (LOL!). If I take on Excelerol on an empty stomach you will get minty breath and flutters in my stomach. I also wouldn’t take it within 4–6 hours of going to bed as it gives you a lot of energy.

On a personal note, I strongly prefer to buy products from companies that have ‘real people’ behind them that stake their livelihood on the veracity of their products. This is somewhat rare in the supplement business, many business people who profit from the supplement industry do not publicly endorse their products since they themselves don’t really know if they do any good for people. The founder of Excelerol is very accessible and friendly, he has a history of entrepreneurship in the supplement business and has even produced several very interesting films about herbal medicine.

About Excelerol

A highly engineered brain supplement formulated to supercharge overall brain power by boosting the three Limitless neurotransmitters Serotonin, Dopamine & Acetylcholine.

  • Get fired up and productive in your mornings without coffee.
  • Boost neuroplasticity with high amounts of Vitamin B12; essential for the manufacture of new neurotransmitters.
  • Alpha GPC & Huperzine A to boost Acetylcholine levels.
  • Time release, liquid gel Vcaps (vegetarian) for maximum absorption into the bloodstream.
  • Ginkgo Biloba boosts long term memory.
  • Contains potent anti-aging and anti-oxidizing agents, which keep your brain sharp over time and fight stress, depression, and anxiety.
  • A ‘nootropic stack’ of 20 ultra high quality, clinically tested ingredients.
  • 90 Liquid Vcaps (845mg Dietary Supplement).
  • Nero digital pill dispenser.
  • Try it risk free for 90 days, 100% Money back guarantee.

Originally published on LimitlessMindset.com

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