Explaining Neuroplasticity Training Effects In The Brain

Here is a 2.46 min video explaining this synergy effect.

In the last message I reviewed the neuroplasticity effects of brain cross training. This was a follow-up to the remarkable Feb 2018 Intelligencejournal article ‘Multi-modal fitness and cognitive training to enhance fluid intelligence’, demonstrating significant visuospatial fluid intelligence (Gf) gains from brain training (e.g. i3Mindware.com) combined with fitness training.

Visuospatial fluid intelligence is the type of intelligence measured by Raven’s matrices type IQ tests.

The neurogenesis process showing the benefits of combining fitness training with cognitive training are shown in Professor Tracey Shors’ ‘MAP’ training here. She has looked at the effects of combining focused attention meditation with exercise and found positive neurogenesis effects, further strengthening the case that meditation is also an effective supplement to your brain training program.

For a more comprehensive review of neurogenesis and its underlying mechanisms, see my Adult Hippocampal Neurogenesis Review.

This was written by Mark Ashton Smith, Ph.D. and originally published on his excellent newsletter for IQ Mindware.

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