“Fake it till you make it” is not enough

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Are you unqualified?

Certainty is the enemy of growth.

The chief value in being unqualified is the lack of pompous, closed-minded certainty.

Unqualified Success is NOT the Author’s Theory on Mindset

In the past, I’ve been critical of self-help books that appeared to merely be the author’s perspective (based upon a spattering of personal experiences) on personal growth — what worked for one guy might not work for you. That’s not what Unqualified Success is, I found it to be an empirical mindset manifesto, it contains a number of footnotes, interpretation of clinical research and a meaningful multiplicity of anecdotal evidence.

About the Author

Mindset Exercises

The book contains a number of mindset exercises that prompt you to more deeply examine your beliefs and attitudes and reframe them for greater success.

A 5-step exercise for reframing limiting mindset and internal dialog.

“Laddering” or “Bridging” Your Limiting Beliefs

Thought Proceeds Reality

Discomfort is the Price


On Neuroplasticity

How you do anything is how you do everything

The Ripple Effect

The book points out an interesting meta-factor in human accomplishment, proximity. When you’re in proximity to others doing exciting innovative things you have an incredible capacity for growth.

In Conclusion

The chapters of the book are punctuated with vignettes of the inspiring story of a Brazilian guy named Magno who moved to the United States and realized the American dream not by faking it until he made it, but with persistent hard work and a growth mindset. The book and Magno’s story underlie the message that…

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