February Biohacking Q&A

I’ll be answering some of the February Biohacking and lifehacking questions in the Q&A podcasts below.

#4 Questions

Do you guys feel you develop a tolerance to these drugs?

Hey Johnathan, i was just wondering what your thoughts are on the use of memantine for resetting caffeine tolerance in young healthy individuals. Thanks!

Evidence for this

Do you know of any natural alternatives to the racetams
will alpha gpc or niacin do the same trick etc?
i need something that’s natural that will get me focused and concentrating and able to remmeber when i study without any side effects.
no i havent tried any racetams
because ive read up that they have many side effects
and from what you say they only boost ones focus and memory for about 4 to 6 hrs
Do let me know if theres supplemnts, minaerals or vitamins that are natural
and can help study focus and memorization naturally with virtually no side effects

The Adaptogens

I just jumped the gun and bought Aniracetam without seeking proper advice.
My main goal is to increase focus, work rate and memory.
I have a very short attention span at the moment.
I get side tracked and when i read, i tend to go off in a tangent thinking about the last line i just read rather than reading the book.
Starting to do silly stuff like putting stuff in the fridge when its supposed to be in cupboard etc. Silly but they all add up.
Any advice?

Dual N-Back

This all has to do with Bromantane, I promise! lol
Been watching your videos almost religiously and have learned a massive amount of information from you as well as reddit and NIH documents etc etc Loving bromantane almost beyond beyond the point of words.
Anything out there like nsi that can change the physical structure of the brain?

First of all I should apologize for not responding sooner as I did get your message yesterday and didn’t respond out of my being nervous. I have/had brain damage caused by datura poisoning from when I was 17 which eventually led me to develop several other very serious mental illnesses.
Here’s the tricky part that makes me sound a bit narcissistic to some people. The Jimson weed did give me a pretty specific type of brain damage which didn’t cause me to lose my intellect but seemed to have increased it but at the cost of most of my executive function and social function. I was obsessed with medical knowledge before to the point that I was buying a new DSVM every year in my teens which looking back was kind of weird but afterward I am much worse. Much much worse. I’ve lost two wives to being a total psychological nightmare to some people because of my very eccentric nature.

That being said rain man wants pussy and cars too!

How to get rid of mental illness?

Ya! That’s the bold question I asked myself and took on directly.

So far I’ve slowly made my way back to reality with the help of some extremely rare stuff as well as some of the basic nootropics.
I watch your show because you like details. I love details.
I started looking at the functions of piracitam years ago and slowly read my way through Russian medicine and have decided those cats have it figured out in the world of neuropsychology and America is just lost.

Long story short I “narrowed it down” to a shorter list of very special things to do in order.

Stop taking anything at all for 30 days.
Fast for 48 hours at the end of that 30 day period
At the end of the fast and a good nights rest get up and begin the paleo diet.
Then after a month on the paleo diet I started a regimen that I designed of racetams and nootropics and peptides to literally get rid of my specific illness.

I started with a 2 gram dose of centrophenoxine
And then continued taking up to 1 gram a day split into 2 doses
After 30 days of this I switched to:
Alpha Gpc (high dose)
phenylpiracitam 100 mg 2x daily)
Oxyracitam (750 mg 2x daily)
Aniracitam (750 mg 2x daily)
Colouracetam (20mg 3x daily)
Fasoracetam (40 mg 1x daily)
phenibut (800 mg)
Theanine (600 mg)
While cycling phenibut here and there and also cycling faso and colour and Sulbutiamine so I don’t alter the outcome our burn out my receptors.

After weaning off of that very slowly over a 6 month period of time i began Na Semax-A with bromantane.

I was smart but was very spaced out and very depressed and very scared to be social until I started the bromantane.

The racetams creeked open the door and created a great environment for bromantane and semax to really do its work.

Nothing I’ve ever taken had this kind of effect on me. I’m on my day off and while I’m on uni right now I can’t help to notice the effects that 5 days of bromantane use has had on me. I have had a concept of tomorrow and a concept of when I’m being annoying to other people.

I just feel generally content with myself and have a very self validating feeling that one wouldn’t notice unless they are insecure like I was before.

Bromantane is this awful tasting chemical but it makes up for it 4 hours later. Yup! The stories are right. I might chip up after about an hour or so to 2 hours but 4 hours in you are completely on your a game.

I liken 50 mg of bromantane with Taking M5AA and GW501516 and aicar together which I have not done but what I’m just sure it has to be like.

I woke up and smiled. And because that. In my opinion.
Bro! Man! lol Tane is the best effing thing ever.

There’s that mania that some people get in the moment and love and say wow this is helping me. Bromantane is doing that and it’s doing it stronger and stronger every day so I took day 6 off and sent you this.

There is something about it doing something to you as a guy that makes you more bro and that’s pretty wild. I’m slipping into a type a personality and people are really digging me. People keep saying I look so much better and my family thinks I’ve joined a cult but that’s ok.

Obviously everything I’m doing is based on the g1 and g2 receptor models and their role in psychology basically set forth by the Russians. Bromantane seems to fix you. I’m better.
I woke up and just felt content with myself and just sat quietly taking everything in. Life is good.
Good day to try a bit of uni.
Uni reminds me of semax but more happy and more chill with crisper vision. Bro does that with your vision but just a bit.
I added semax and it really worked well. Now I’m this exercise guy? Who the hell am I now lol? I’m going from geek to jock and those are my friends words and I’m not even thinking about it. I look people in the eyes more. I notice that I do and that’s something. I have the urge to work out now and that’s pretty wild. Bromantane was everything I ever wanted everything else to be and more. Semax just made it better.

Not a Reddit chemo dork like I sound. Those were all chosen and the dose messed with until it all worked like a machine.
Anyone that tries Bromantane will walk away having a massive appreciation for it. I saw a video where a guy called it speed. It might be a neuostimulant but it does not have the negative effects of stimulants and has the calming effects of phenibut.
I can tell it’s changing my brain chemistry because I don’t need my testosterone shot and I have not needed klonopin for anxiety.

Try it. You just can’t go wrong.

Also you can find out what it feels like when your brain hungry.

It will make your brain hungry because I imagine all that repair needs calories so I also upped calories and added creatine and PQQ.
Finish it out and will do nsi-189 at a low dose and then my journey with brain stuff will come to a conclusion.

Thank you for your videos. You have been a massive help.
Try Bromantane. You’ll thank me

AOC Podcast
Dual N-Back

Q&A #5

started to listening [my ADHD video]… after some time my thoughts gone there and there… your video is way too long ;-D


I’m a subscriber to your Youtube channel. It’s great stuff, I appreciate your videos. I was wondering if, in your experiments with all the nootropics you’ve tried, you came across one that gives you a noticeable creativity boost? In particular, I’m looking for something to aid my creative writing and ability to get into a flowstate. I take phenylpiracetam with my daily stack of micronutrients and stuff like: Vinpocetine, Rhodiola R., Ginko B., and l-theanine. The phenylpiracetam is great for general cognition and logical tasks, but it does almost nothing for creative pursuits, in fact, sometimes I feel like it hinders my creative flow. I’m considering ordering some tianeptine. Any thoughts? Thanks!

Nicotine USB solution

I feel great on Tianeptine, but it dries me out (mouth, tears, possibly other areas?) and gives me flank pain (kidney?). If I could overcome the drying effect, It might be my all time favorite substance. The dry-out effect is more than an annoyance. Any ideas on how to overcome this side effect?
Do you think “Tianeptine sulfate” would cause the same dry mouth side effect? Is the dry mouth side effect hormonal?

Dry mouth occurs in 20% of users
Why Nootropics flowchart

Is [tyrosine] better than Modafinil?

Hey man would you say there is a big difference between noopept and piracetam? Which one gives your body more energy would you say? Thanks in advance
I’m also aware noopept is more potent but I’m just wondering your views on the effects?

Also just moved to Baja, Mexico from Seattle. Tips for upping my Spanish game?

Pickup lines in Espanol
Translating stories
Record Yourself

Originally published on LimitlessMindset.com. I’m not a doctor, medical professional, or trained therapist. I’m a researcher and pragmatic biohacking practitioner exercising free speech to share evidence as I find it. I make no claims. Please practice skepticism and rational critical thinking. You should consult a professional about any serious decisions that you might make about your health.




Adventuring philosopher, Pompous pontificator, Writer, K-Selected Biohacker, Tantric husband, Raconteur & Smart Drug Dealer 🇺🇸

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Jonathan Roseland

Jonathan Roseland

Adventuring philosopher, Pompous pontificator, Writer, K-Selected Biohacker, Tantric husband, Raconteur & Smart Drug Dealer 🇺🇸

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