First impressions of C60…

Biohacker Review of C60 in Olive Oil: Tastes like… Olive oil!

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Watch First impressions of C60 Fullerenes in Olive Oil [Biohacker Review]

Day 1

The first dosing produced no notable Nootropic effect. I look forward to continuing using the stuff!

This stuff may alleviate the hangover after a night of feasting and boozing; here in Bulgaria, we celebrate holidays with a lot of fine food and drink. On forgiveness day (March 10th) here my wive’s family served me seemingly endless tasty morsels and at least three different types of booze. I went to bed feeling a bit bloated and drunk, usually a recipe for awaking with a bit of a hangover! But I did a tablespoon of C60 before bed, drank a lot of water and awoke feeling quite normal. It would make sense that a super antioxidant would detoxify me a bit after boozing too much.

Around the internet, I had heard that most people take a tablespoon of C60 in olive oil. So my wife and I would just have a tablespoon after dinner daily. But the product is a higher concentration of C60, it’s .8 milligrams per milliliter and a tablespoon is nearly 15 milliliters so we were doing like 12 milligrams of C60 daily, which is on the high end of the dosage range. At this rate, a bottle from lasts about a week. In the future, I would take it at a lower dose than 12 milligrams daily, as an already very healthy young man I probably don’t need nearly that much.

I noticed the weeks I was using the stuff a small uptick in my general mood and motivation. I also noticed that I seemed to wake up a bit earlier with more vigor to take on the day. But I wouldn’t consider it a classic Nootropic that energizes me and enhances cognition.

After I finished two bottles, I began using C60 and CBD/Hemp Extract selectively. I didn’t take it daily, I used it as a post-workout recovery sleep hack, I took it in lower doses about half a teaspoon as opposed to a whole tablespoon.

Here, I interview my jolly old father-in-law about his experience taking C60 in Olive Oil. He was initially skeptical of C60 but was surprised to experience noticeable positive effects within a week on his energy levels and digestive function.

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Watch C60 Olive Oil is Making this 67-year-old Biohacker Great Again!

If I could, C60 is one antiaging agent that I would use daily forever, it has no downside and significant upside promise as a long-term longevity hack.

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