For Gentlemen: The $77 mindset experiment to make you absolutely fascinating for a night

Changing your life and mindset requires exploring outside of your comfort zone.

Jonathan Roseland
3 min readApr 25, 2021


I have a social experiment for you; it’s going to make you the center of attention for a night, people will stare at you, it’s going to make people remember you months or years from now. It’s going to make you bolder, funnier, probably even more charming, and it’s going to cost you approximately $77.

Buy a funky suit

On Amazon, eBay, or Aliexpress purchase an outrageous-looking suit, I personally prefer white suits but green, red, blue, purple, or yellow are all options. Your suit+shipping on these sites will be $60-$80.

Go to a social event

Now pick out a social event coming up where you will stand out in your suit. I recommend networking cocktail parties, nightclub events, or house parties but really anything will do. If you have friends that will accompany you to such an event invite them. Make sure to invite them at least five days before so they can commit to going with you. Now, become the suit! Notice the following things…

  • How people stare at you as you pass through the crowd.
  • When you approach a group of people a slight pause occurs in the conversation.
  • How people pay you more attention when you are speaking.
  • How your jokes seem funnier and your anecdotes seem to enrapture your audience.

Note: This experiment will be more effective if you go to an event where people are friendly and inviting. To harken to 90’s pop culture, it’s a better idea to do this at Cheer’s (“Where everyone knows your name…”) than The Roxbury (“You’re not on the list!”) Don’t do this at a Halloween party, everyone has outrageous outfits at Halloween so you won’t stand out.

Step into your funky suit persona

Now when you are in social situations, mentally revisit that night in your funky suit. As you approach a group of people let your funky suit persona take over.

If you don’t mind dropping $77, this experiment will experientially change your mindset, I hope you try it out! What’s the worst that could happen?

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