Getting (almost) robbed on my way to meet Mark Manson

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Getting robbed by a pig

But that wasn’t the first time I was almost robbed in Colombia. My first day in that equatorial country was hectic to say the least.

A stabbing

Once while staying in a different hostel in Colombia I heard several cries of Ayuda, Ayuda, Ayuda! from in front of the hostel. I rushed to see a distraught girl shaking the frontgate wanting to get in, behind her a couple of guys where in a scary altercation, one guy was on the ground being attacked, some really bad looking guys were looming over him swiping at him with a knife!

Travel can be dangerous

But as my stories illustrate it’s not that dangerous if you’re vigilant and take some preventative measures. I lived in downtown Denver for about 5 years and heard of plenty of casual violence and petty crime, I’ve actually witnessed more fights there than I have in Colombia or any one of the other +20 countries I’ve visited in the past 7 years. So travel is less dangerous than you’ve maybe have been led to believe if you don’t act like an idiot. You’re never really safe unless you’re behind locked doors, armed and isolated on a rural property with a loyal guard dog and good neighbors.

To Summarize

  • As a foreigner in foreign lands you’re often a target for petty criminals. Don’t wander around in flip flops. Wear shoes so that you can run if you need to! If you’re dressed sharply you’re a target, even in nicer neighborhoods, just take taxis to get places.
  • Don’t let a backpack or piece of luggage containing your valuables out of your sight if don’t want them to be stolen.

Next Chapter: A Spy in Kiev?

This is a chapter from my mémoire and lifehacking manifesto.

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